Friday, January 13, 2012

Animal Skin Rug

I absolutely love the mixture of a rustic and elegant look. One of the easiest way to achieve this look is through an animal skin rug. Here are two pictures I love that are good examples of this.
Cow skin rug on the floor with more modern furniture that has clean and straight lines.
Zebra rug with more vintage and antiqued furniture.

Despite how much I love this look my wallet cannot handle the price tag.
I had always kept my eyes open hoping that one day I would find one. Then my husband and I stumbled across this.....
We were so excited! The guy selling it told us that it was an animal from Australia. He mentioned the name of the animal but I sure do not remember it! He sold us the rug for $3!

Here it is in my bedroom. Now I know the small amount of space in my master bedroom is pitiful but cut me some slack! I am trying to work with what I have!

Remember those pillows? .50 cents a piece at a garage sale. Later I saw the EXACT same ones at Tia Pan for $10 a piece! I also bought the purple throw at a garage sale for $3.

I also pick up a sheep skin rug at a garage sale for $7! I couldn't get a very good picture of it besides this one.
However, it looks exactly like this one except it didn't cost me $145! Click HERE to see the link where I found the price tag.

A beautiful looking home with beautiful things inside does not have to have a big price tag.


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