Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fireplace Project

I am working on finishing up my fireplace and want a large green wreath to go in the middle of it. Yes, I know it's not a real fireplace. It's purely decorative but I couldn't help myself when I saw it at a garage sale. I LOVE fireplaces! I went out to Tia Pan to look at the wreaths they had. I thought they might have something reasonably priced.... not true.
Here is the wreath I want.
and here is the price tag!!!! There is NO WAY I will ever pay this much!

A little depressed I went to D.I. to see if they had a wreath the size I wanted. I figure I can make one for much cheaper, especially if I can find my materials at D.I. or a garage sale. Sadly, I didn't find what I needed at D.I. but I am not giving up yet! I know I will eventually find what I need. I did however find somethings worth mentioning.

Naughty Monkey heels

$5 dollars! I would have bought them if they were my size!

Buckle Jeans!
Sorry this picture is blurry I was in a bit of a hurry cause my kids were crying.
D.I. is a great place to find deals on almost anything!


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