Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Re-selling For Profit

A lot of times, if you know what you are looking for, you can find stuff at garage sales and second hand stores, resale it and make a profit. Does anyone remember this stroller? It sold in less than a week on Craigslist. I listed it for pretty cheap because I wanted it to sell fast. Even with the lady asking me to go down $20 I still made an 80 dollar profit.

Here is one of my all time favorite stories about re-selling items.
My husband and I were at Savers down in Las Vegas a few months ago and found a Vitamix blender on the shelf. It was priced at $25 so my husband stuck it in the cart. At first I gave him that "We don't need that look," but then he said that if it worked he thought we could sell it on ebay and make money. We went and plugged it in to make sure it worked and then I had him check what they were selling for on ebay. The ones we saw were in auction at about $250. Needless to say by this point I was convinced. I also had a 20% off coupon for donating items. (Whenever I go to Savers I always take something with me to donate so that I can get a coupon and save even more) After using my coupon the blender was about $20. After getting home my husband took pictures of it and put it on ebay. One week later the blender sold for $315!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! We made a profit of $295!
If you have a good knowledge about what things cost (or the internet on your phone) and you keep your eyes open at garage sales and second hand stores you could put some extra money in your pocket!


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