Sunday, January 15, 2012


We are right in the middle of the garage sale dry season, AKA winter. Depending on where you live the dry season may still have enough reward to make you want to get out and garage sale. In Texas where I grew up my Mom went garage saleing all year round. In other places where it snows or rains a lot garage sales are almost non-existant during the "dry" season. Here in St. George, UT it only snows about once a year so I am able to get out most weekends during the winter. However, every once in a while on those colder weekends I have had to learn to cut my losses and go home. This weekend was looking like one of those weekends. I got out at 8:00a.m. (garage sales usually start around 7:00a.m. but in the winter they usually start a little later) From 8 till about 9:30 the only thing I had bought was
a basketball for .50 cents

I finally decided that it was just not my week and started to head home. I stopped at one more garage sale on the way and found a few things that made my garage sale day worth while. These were also my Deal of the Day

It was a garage sale that a lighting company was having because they were going out of business. Since C.J. and I are planning on redoing all the bathrooms in our house this was perfect!
If you have ever gone shopping for light fixtures you know they can be pretty expensive! These were brand new and still in the box.
This light fixture was marked at $35

This light fixture was marked at $25

We also bought a new fan for our master bedroom
It will look much better when we hang it. This fan was marked at $30. These were all fair prices, not a steal like I had hoped but definitely fair prices. I found a similar fan on for 89.00. Click here to compare. I also looked up light fixtures. The closest thing I could find to the ones I bought was this fixture.
Which was $114!! and this is at Walmart!

My total for the two light fixtures and fan was $90. I knew I didn't have that much cash on me so I pulled out what I had...$63. A lot of times when i don't have enough money I will use a strategy I have seen my Mom use several times, but I didn't know if it would work this time. I went to the lady and said "all I have is 63 dollars....Would you take that?" To my surprise she said yes! So I got the two brand new fixtures and a new fan for $63! Thats a steal for how nice these are!

This company is also the same company I bought my huge chandilier from last time they had a garage sale!

I paid $350 for it. I love chandeliers! I believe that there are a few things that make a house look amazing and a big beautiful chandelier is one of them. I know $350 sounds like a lot but Check this out...
I found this chandilier on Similar in size, but I think mine is a much more elegant piece. This retails at 1,230!!!!!!! Click here to see the link. $350 doesn't sound so bad now does it?

here are some other awesome deals I saw that might have made your day worth while.

Single sconce $10. If you only have one outside light on your front porch this could work for you but what I like to do is put these up high on shelving nooks if you have them. I did it in my old house and everyone loved the way it looked. You cant turn it one or anything but it adds varitey to your decor.
Kids bike $10!
fan $40

Chandelier $60
I loved this big clock. So cool. They wanted $100 for it. probably not an unreasonable price but still too much for me. I actually might call the lady and see if she will go down on it since it didn't sell. I was looking on craigslist the other day and there was one on there just like it for $350!
Bedroom set Dresser Hutch and two night stands for $50!
These were already sold and I was JEALOUS! I have been looking for a new project and I think these would have been a fun redo!

Vases and Mason jars galore!

There are so many pinterest projects you can do with mason jars!
Red neck wine glass. Fun for a party
Fun outside chandelier
craft storage
vases for flowers
awesome light fixture
bathroom storage and organization
beautiful wedding center pieces
The posiblilties are endless! Especially when they are this cheap!
10 for a $1! I have a hanging cactus garden and I bought mine at D.I. for .25 to .50 cents a piece. I over paid!

Coleman camp stove $10
the inside


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