Saturday, January 21, 2012


Today we woke up and it was pouring rain. Rain puts a serious damper on the garage sales but we decided to get out there anyway and see what we could find.
I bought this little toy for $1. I found it at for 19.99! Click here to see. Paisley has a birthday coming up so it will make a good birthday gift!

With Valentines coming up I want to put up a few holiday decorations around the house. Garage sales are the perfect place to find these decorations. These ones aren't the best but I think if I tweak them a little bit they will look really cute. I spent .25 cents on each.

Even though they are old these antique windows can still be pretty expensive! This guy only wanted $15 for these!
There are so many cute ideas using old windows. Here are a few I pulled off Pinterest.

I love the idea of using old windows in your home decor. I have my own old window project I will be getting started on soon!
Sesame Street DVD. I get all of my DVD's from garage sales and we have TONS! Lots of Sesame street, Barney, Dora, Disney. I don't normally pay more than 1 dollar for mine unless its one that I know Jaysa will love. When buying DVD's also remember to ALWAYS look at the back of the DVD to make sure there aren't too many scratches on it. I have made this mistake several times.

Tinkerbell dressup- $1. Sorry it's a blurry picture. If you have little girls you know how expensive dress ups can be. My girls have an entire dresser full of dressups I have found at garage sales. I don't pay more than $1 for them.

Ok. I know this is a pitiful picture. However again, it is so easy to find holiday decorations at garage sales! This was a really big wreath. It came up to my hips and is prelight. The decor on the wreath is ugly but with a little TLC it could look beautiful! I tried to talk my husband into this one but he said no. The guy only wanted $5 for it! We would have had to strap it to the top of our car cause it was so big.

I wanted this SO bad! I LOVE this antique bed. I really like the idea of making a bed into a bench for my front porch like this
BUT the guy wanted $90 for it. I asked him if he would go down and he said he would go to $70 but that is still too much for me. I got his number and asked him what he was going to do if it didn't sell. He said he was going to put it on craigslist. Maybe I will keep an eye out for it and see if he will go down on it later if it doesn't sell.

So for the entire day all I bought was the Vtech turtle toy and the Valentines decorations. I spent a total of $1.50. Wish the day had been better but I wasn't expecting much because of the rain. To make our bad garage sale day worth while we all went to breakfast!
Me and Jaysa
Paisley and C.J.

We also headed to our local Re-Store, which is another place to find great deals. The Re-Store is like a D.I. or Goodwill but for building materials. Everything is donated and is pretty inexpensive. They have everything from doors and windows to
roofing tiles...50 cents a piece
bath tubs
LOTS of flooring
fans... These fans were all about $40
lighting fixtures....All lighting fixtures varied in price these ones were a little over $60. Still a little expensive in my opinion but cheaper than buying them new!

Just like D.I. the store is always changing so you have to check in every once in a while to see what they have!


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