Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kids Corner

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This week my photographer/husband :) is out of town. I had hoped to get another Fashion on a Dime picture taken before he left but was unable to. I don't dare try to get out there and take the picture myself while trying to take care of two kids so you all will just have to wait till next week. Until then here is a Kid's Corner! I took these pictures over our 4th of July vacation. I always like to dress comfy when we are traveling. We were about to drive home so I had my girls in some comfortable sporty outfits.

Financial stats for this outfit are: 
Pink Osh Oksh t-shirt- $1 dollar at a garage sale
Black cotton shorts-.50 cents at a garage sale
Zebra Converse shoes- $1 dollar at a garage sale
Jaysa's total outfit cost is $2.50! Her DPWF is .25 cents!


 Love this picture! She looks like a little business women.
Paisley's financial stats for this outfit are:

Gray t-shirt- about $4 dollars on an Old Navy clearance sale
Black cotton shorts- $1 dollar at a garage sale
Nike shocks shoes- $1 dollar at a garage sale!
Paisley's total outfit cost is $6 dollars! Here DPWF is .60 cents!


  1. Great deal! Love garage sales!

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    Super awesome outfits for an amazing price!

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  6. What a great idea your whole blog is! I definitely need help spending less money!
    Such cute outfits for such great prices. I'm amazed!