Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Girls Weekend

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I spent the weekend at a friend's house in Phoenix. A few months ago she mentioned wanting to have me fly down and help her decorate. So I found some cheap flights, filled my bags with a bunch of garage sale finds and flew down for a little decorating girls weekend! Shelbie wanted some decorative shelves in her kitchen and help with her master bedroom. As we sat down and talked about what kind of shelves she wanted I pulled up a shelving project House of Smiths did a while back.  Shelbie loved everything about it so we ran to Lowes and bought what we needed. We made our shelves a little bit different than Shelley over at House of Smiths did. We spent a total of $44 dollars on a 51 inch and 36 inch shelf. We also bought all of our decorations at GARAGE SALES!!!!!! 
Now when it came to decorating this wall I was a little bit nervous. Shelbie and her husband had just purchased an awesome light fixture to go above their table. I was a little worried about what to put on the wall behind it because I didn't want the light fixture and shelves to compete with each other. Here is our before picture.

And here is our after picture!

The total cost of all the decor on the shelves is $17.25! Starting from left to right. Shelbie bought the little white bird house at a garage sale for $2 dollars. The glass bottle was bought for .50 cents the teal frame I bought for $1. The C was bought at the store a few years back and an extra I had laying around. I gave it a new look by wrapping it in some dark grey yarn Sheblie had.
 The little plant underneath was only .25 cents at a garage sale! The glass bottle with the flowers was .50 cents from D.I. I added some green split peas in the bottom and a stem of flowers we bought for .60 cents at Jo-Annes. The white glass vase was $2 dollars at D.I.
The teal frame with the C in the middle is my favorite part of the whole wall. Of course I didn't buy it teal. It was gold. So we primed and painted it to match her kitchen color scheme.

The teal mirrors on the bottom shelf were also painted. Here is what they looked like before.

And After

The three white pots with plants in them Shelbie bought for $3 dollars a piece at a garage sale. The two teal mirrors my mom picked up thinking we would use them at my brother's wedding for .50 cents a piece and the little brown clock Shelbie bought at Kirklands on a gift card a few years back.

Shelbie and Brian love their shelves and I do too! In case you are wondering here is how we made the shelves. At Home Depot we bought:
One 1x6x8 piece of board
4 corbels
and one 12ft large piece of base board. (Shelley used window casing but we liked the thickness of the base board and I  think it was cheaper!)
You will also need two short 2x4 blocks (we had an extra piece of 2x4 laying around so we didn't have to buy one)Hopefully you don't have to buy one either because you only need about a foot of it!
After buying all the materials we took our supplies to Shelbie's amazing Father-in-law, we call "Pops". Pops is a genius and seriously could build ANYTHING! Thank goodness he was willing to help us whip up these shelves really fast because we couldn't have made them without him! Pops cut our 1x6x8 foot board into two pieces. The first was 50 inches long and the second was 35 inches long. Then he cut our baseboard trim to the correct length and 45 degree angles.
After that we ran into a few small problems. Our corbels were 6 inches wide. The board it was holding up was also "6" inches wide. BUT did you know that when you buy wood it's actually cut and shaped and during this process half an inch is cut off! So my 1x6x8 was really a 1x5.5x8. So our corbels stuck out further than our wood. To fix this Pops cut the end off of each corbel. 
Our base board was also a little bit too thick and covered up too much of the corbel so Pops cut a piece of 2x4 and placed it between the board that would become our shelf and the corbel like so...
This helped give our corbel more length so you could see them better. Next it was time to assemble everything. Pops glued each piece before nailing it in to make sure the shelf was strong.

Here is the underneath of our shelf where we had to make adjustments to our project.
 After our shelves were built we painted them white and added a clear gloss pray over the top.

 and ta-dah! Now you have two beautiful shelves like ours!

We also worked a little bit in Shelbie's Master Bedroom. We didn't get quite as far as we hoped in this room but we will have to finish in September when we visit for two weeks. Here is our before picture!

Shelbie picked out a charcoal gray for her accent wall and a lighter neutral for her other three walls. I am not going to lie, I was really nervous painting this wall such a dark color because I knew Shelbie's bedroom set and comforter were also dark colors. However, I turned out to be a worry wart! I think it turned out beautifully and can't wait to finish! I love the contrasting colors! While I am gone Shelbie is working on a stencil for the wall and getting a deer antler mount to go above the bed.

The pictures are a bit blurry cause I had to turn my iso's up so high so I am sorry! I will get better pictures next time! The whole family will be back for two weeks in September for C.J's work and we will finish the master bedroom AND start on the kitchen!!!!! I can't wait! 


  1. Ya'll did good! Love the teal color.

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  5. Both areas turned out nice! She is lucky to have a friend like you to call :)

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  8. Thank you everyone! I love to hear what yall have to say about it!