Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 7th 2012

This week I took a chance and went out to a large community sale that was about 20 minutes away. I always get a little nervous doing this this because to be honest sometimes it doesn't pay off. I am happy to say that this week it did! I got some great things. Here is what I found.
I bought a bunch of Mason jars for the wedding. I paid .10 cents a piece for these! There are 38 jars so I paid a total of $3.80 for these! Along with the mason jars I also got this spray can of varnish. The seller threw it in for .20 cents to make it an even $4 dollars.
I also bought these beach bags for when we go to lake. I paid $2 dollars for the pink one and $1 for the brown one.

These next few pictures I offered a lot deal for. I got these 4 shirts for .50 cents each
 plus these 3 pair of sandals for $1 a piece
 and three pair of high heels for $5 dollars a piece

 I spent a total of $20 dollars on everything!

 I bought this gray skirt for Jaysa for $1.
I bought these crocs for Paisley for another $1.

I found another canvas. This is really pretty cute for a boys room but I don't have a boy! I am going to do something similar with it like I did in my S monogramed canvas
Here is the original tag on the back.  I paid $2 dollars for it. It was more than I wanted to pay but I have a cute idea for a baby gift.
And I will be using this yarn! I bought all this yarn for $2 dollars!!!!
I also got some granite cleaner and kids bubble bath for .25 cents a piece. The bubble bath was brand new! I bought the granite cleaner cause I have a strange spot on my counter top that is not coming clean so I will give the cleaner a try. 
I bought this bag of hardware for $1! They are not very pretty now but I have no doubt that I will be able to make them look pretty with some paint! There are 25 in the bag so I paid .4 cents a piece for these! Even at the Re-Store handles like these are $1 a piece!
I also bought these cool old handles for .50 cents a piece.
Jaysa will be starting a soccer league called Kicks soon so I talked the person selling these into giving  theme to me for $1. She is so excited to start. I bought her some black and pink cleats a while back from a garage sale for $1 too!
I bought this bird cage to use at the wedding for $3 dollars

This is my favorite thing I bought this week.
This is going in my Master bathroom above my tub! I can't wait to be able to put it up! The guy wanted $12 I asked him to go down to $10 on it. He said he would do $11 but couldn't do $10. I knew I wanted it so even if he wasn't willing to go down I still would have bought it!

Here is my Deal of the Day this week.
I have mentioned a few times wanting to make a bench out of a headboard for my front porch. Here she  is! I bought this headboard for $3 dollars!!!!! I am hoping to get this to the top of my list soon.


Here is a fun kids bed that sold for $30
Here are some action figures if you have boys. They were .50 cents to a $1 for each. I am sure you could have done a lot price and gotten a better deal.
Here is a dog bed. This could be made so cute with a little paint and a cute fluffy pillow! He wanted $3 dollars for it but then said "I don't know. Whatever you will give me".... YOU BETTER ASK IF HE WILL GO $1.50 ON IT! When a the seller says this they will ALWAYS go down on their price!
These two mirrored candle scones we $7 each but the lady let me know that she would be willing to go down on them.
Here are some Holister t-shirts for $1 a piece

This jogging stroller was only $45. It was in very good condition!

Here is an air hockey table to keep the kids entertained. The seller only wanted $40 for it.

How cute is this? This has obviously never been played with. Look how white that white is! The lady only wanted $25 for this. I wish I had the room for it!

Here are a few other things that I thought were a little pricey but were a really good quality. If you really liked them it would be worth barginning for them.
This large clock was $50

This mirror was $75. I loved this mirror. I went straight to it.  However, $75 was WAY too much! So sad.

Here is a really cute bedroom set. It had a navy blue twin headboard and footboard a trundle bed and a matching dresser. It was a really good quality wood. They wanted $500 for the set. Still pretty high but they had lots of people asking about it. My neighbor just bought a bed almost exactly like this one for $20 at a garage sale!

Garage sales are the best way to furnish your home, dress your family, provide entertainment and so many other things, on a budget! Please WAKE UP and get out there and see what you can find! Don't forget to show us! Email me @ I would love to feature it in my Show & Tell Saturday!


  1. Wow, look at your loot! You came home with some great things!

  2. dang nice items. You are inspiring me. I think I am going to ask the hubby for a yardsale day

  3. That headboard you bought, well, I have a similar one in my shed, and I have the same idea for mine that you have for yours. My, great minds do think alike, lol!

    And, I must say, you got many more super good deals, as well. Well done!!

  4. Hey gorgeous!

    I nominated you for The Versatile Award. Go check out my blog!



  5. Ohhh those three heels are fabulous! And I LOVE the chandelier and birdcage! Awesome finds!
    <3 Danielle

  6. Thank you for all your sweet comments ladies! I love to hear what you think!