Wednesday, July 11, 2012


My little brother Justin will be getting married Friday! Since the wedding is now here I thought it would be appropriate if I posted about their engagements. I took their engagements and of course used garage sale props.  Since they are getting married on Friday the 13th they wanted to do a bit of a superstitious theme. They wanted pictures of them holding a broken mirror and under a ladder. I knew this would be a tricky photo session and that if I was not careful no one would understand what they were trying to convey.  I also knew we couldn't use just any ladder. I wanted it to be an old ladder. Unsure about whether we would find something like this at a garage sale I decided I would make one. I will be guest posting my DIY ladder over at Little Mudpies July 20th! Check it out then!

Here are their engagement pictures! The chalkboard frame was a mirror my mom bought at a garage sale for .50 cents. I painted it teal, bushed some white over the top and used chalkboard paint right over the top of the mirror. The stool by the tree my mom found for $1 and the rusted teal pot I found for $1. The fabric we used to drape over the ladder, the tree and as a blanket was found on craigslist! We bought 30 yards of it for $20 dollars. 

 The gold frame I bought at a garage sale for $1. I went to Jones Paint and glass (best prices out of anyone!) to get the mirror made. The mirror cost me around $2.50.

I was also hoping to be able to find an old bike at a garage sale. I saw one about 6 months ago that was so cool. The lady wanted $75 for it. I had this feeling that I should try to talk her down and buy it. It would look AWESOME in pictures but even if I talked her down to $50 I still thought it was a little too much. I didn't buy it and a few months later I needed one just like it!!! Thank goodness I was able to borrow one from a friend of a friend!

This was my brother's FAVORITE picture of all the engagements! It shows his personality well I actually think it's even on their announcement! Ha! 
 Even some of the flowers were found at garage sales!

The total cost of the props in this photo session was about $25 dollars and everything will be used as decor in the wedding!


  1. Wow, you don't get much better than that! Great photos, by the way!

    I have a yard sale trip I'm going to put into Word doc. and then email it to you! I'm very late with this, wasn't quite sure how to do it, since this will be my first guest post! Then, we were away to the US for a week, then opening up our cottage...not quite finished yet, and tired just thinking about it, lol! Will be in touch very shortly!

  2. Great job with the photos! :)


  3. hahaha! I love the photo with the broken glass! =)

  4. Wow, those photos are so cute. They are a darling couple. The props are great and the are good!!! Hope your week is going well. I am catching up from my vacation, enjoying a last week at home :) Enjoy the wedding.