Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 7th 2012

Here is what I found that you men might be interested in!

I know a lot of women might like these also but I decided to put it in the Men's section. These were $3 dollars. Does anyone do P90X? Try it with the bands! It's harder than the weights!
I know nothing about telescopes but this one look really nice so I took a picture and asked how much the guy wanted it for it. He said, "$3 dollars". Thinking I heard him wrong I said "what?" Then he said it again... "$3 dollars, I just want to get rid of it. It's going to go to D.I. if you don't take it" THREE DOLLARS?!?!?! I wish I wanted a telescope because this would have been a buyer's rejoice buy if I had. The brand is MEADE. I looked on their site and the telescopes were anywhere from $100 to $350! After I got home I told my husband about this and he said "Why didn't you buy it?!" 
Here is another turkey fryer for $15

This is a brand new traveling golf bag for $20
I always seem to find traps. This one was $5.
Here is a double camping chair for the kids. I know that when my husband edits this he is going to ask me why I didn't buy this. They guy wanted $10 for it. I thought it was a little high and I didn't bother to ask if he would go down. I would have bought it if it were between $5-$7. 

 This shade canopy was $20. 

Here is something I haven't really seen before. This is one of those model airplanes. The lady bought it for her husband for his birthday because he really wanted it but I guess it just turned out to be a fling cause he never used it! She said she paid over $100 for it. She only wanted $5 for it. 
Here is the box. I turned the picture upside down so you could read a little bit more about it. 

If there are any men out there that read this blog I would LOVE to see what kind of deals you find! Email me @ so I can feature you!


  1. Man, I wish I lived where you live, because you seem to be able to find a whole lot of people who buy way too many things that they never use, and sell really cheap when they finally realize they never needed it to begin with, lol!!!

  2. ha ha ha thats funny. You find great deals too though!