Sunday, May 13, 2012

Savers Finds

While I was in Las Vegas visiting my parents I headed to Savers. Besides garage sales and D.I. this is where I like to do the bulk of my shopping. It is slightly more expensive but they also have a better selection and cuter clothes. To help counter the extra expense I never go to Saver's without my 20% off coupon! You can get one by donating a bag of items! Its the perfect trade. You give them a bag filled with things you don't want anymore and they give you a coupon that lets you get cute cheap clothes cheaper!  They also have a club card that I just barley signed up for. I am not sure if each Savers does it differently but the one I go to give cub members 25% off on Thursdays! Since I went shopping on a Thursday I got to save my coupon for next time and I got an extra 5% off! AWESOMENESS! I spent a total of $100 dollars and bought:
1 pair of capri's
4 dresses
2 summer cardigans
1 shirt
4 pairs of shorts
4 skirts
1 skirt for Jaysa
2 pair of shorts for Jaysa.

The prices at Savers are already pretty good but here is how my 25% off helped my dollar stretch further.
If the price tag was $2.99 I got a .74 cent discount
If the price tag was $3.99 I got a .99 cent discount
If the price tag was $5.99 I got a $1.49 discount
If the price tag was $7.99 I got a $1.99 discount
If the price tag was $8.99 I got a $2.24 discount
If the price tag was $9.99 I got a $2.49 discount
If the price tag was 12.99 I got a $3.24 discount

Now that might not seem like a whole lot right now but let me show you some of the deals I got.
I got this multi colored paisley dress for $6.75
and sexy little gray dress is from Express. I also paid $6.75 for it.
This shirt is from Charlotte Russe. I paid $7.50 for it.
I also paid $7.50 for these jean shorts!
 They are Miss Me's!
I bought these white shorts for $4.50

 I got this Navy blue floral print skirt for $2!!
I also got this navy blue high waisted skirt for $2!!!
 I bought these coral capri's for $6
Now this dress needs some ironing but I loved it! It's from H&M and I only paid $4.50 for it!
I got this yellow summer dress for $9.75
 I bought this cardigan for $4.50
 and this gray cardigan from Forever Twenty One for $4.50 also.

I LOVE the deals you can get at Savers! They have good quality clothing for so cheap!
Click Here to sign up for their club card and get 25% percent off on certain days of the week
Click Here to go to their store locator to find out where your closest Savers is!
 I can't wait to do some Fashion on a Dimes with my new finds! I will have a new Fashion on a Dime posted in the next few days so check back for that!


  1. ooooh. i am loving the gray express dress, the navy high-waisted skirt, and the peachy/coral cardi.

    1. Jenni, Thank you! I LOVE the gray express dress its so comfy yet so sexy all at the same time! Thats my kinda style!

  2. Girl, You got some bargains! Love the high waisted navy skirt and paisley dress especially!

    1. Thanks Pamela! Those are some of my favorite too!

  3. wow! those are gorgeous finds and somehow fit you perfectly! very cool.

  4. Wow- never heard of that store before but those deals are awesome! Love that little cardigan and the high waisted skirt!


    1. Savers is the best! You'll have to see if there is one close to you!

  5. Awesome!!!!!!! I am so glad you found me...I am a new follower of your blog too! Love your posts! :)