Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guest Blogger

Hello everyone! Not sure if you noticed but we are growing quickly. We have gained quite a few members this past week and I am LOVING it! As we continue to grow I will start implementing more FUN into the blog. I plan to do this by starting with some guest bloggers so that you can see some of the awesome and amazing blogs there are out there. I am so excited to introduce all of you readers to our very first guest blogger Crystal. Crystal is such a sweet girl and I have really loved working with her. So without further ado, meet Crystal.

Hey there Garage Sales R Us readers! I'm Crystal from over at a time 4 everything.

I blog a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Fashion, jewelry, nails, recipes, diy, randomness.
In true Garage Sales R Us fashion, thought I'd share with you all a table redo. When I bought my house the previous owner left a kitchen table and two chairs. There is a built-in bench in the kitchen and this table seemed to fit the space well, but...
The table that was left, looked like this

and the chairs

Not real pretty. Glad there was a table, but I just can't have this.

So I drug it out onto my deck (all by myself I might add, I'm sure the neighbors were entertained) busted out the tiles and sanded lightly.

Spray painted the chairs and table with black paint.

Re-grouted and re-tiled the top.

See that tail there at the bottom right of the picture, that's one of my kitty babies. They are in the blog too.

It's amazing what you can do with an old, somewhat messed up piece to make it usable again.

Hope you enjoyed my share. Thanks to Garage Sales R Us for letting me take over this lovely blog for a little bit.


So fun crystal! I love the idea of tile! Thank you for taking the time to be my first guest blogger! Readers, I am sure Crystal would love it if you would stop by leave a comment and follow her blog at a time 4 everything! If there is anyone else out there that is interested in doing a guest post please email me at garagesalesrusblog@gmail.com. I would love to make this a monthly thing! so please fill up my free spaces!


  1. Following you back! Thanks for stopping by dreaming-n-color!

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