Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 12th 2012

This has been a really crazy and busy week for me. I entered into the One Artsy Mama Craft Contest and made the top 20! This means I will go on to compete against 20 other amazing crafters in 5 other rounds. Each round has a different theme. The themes are fabric, beads, stencil, mod podge, and wood. I will be a busy crafter for the next 5 weeks! Round one has started and the theme is beads. I have an awesome idea for this and can't wait to get started. I can't tell you which project is mine but I hope you will head over to One Artsy Mama and vote Monday evening for your favorite project!

This week I also found out that my brother is getting MARRIED!!!! I am so excited for him! Due to a strained budget I have been deamed the decorator of the reception! It may have fallen to me because I am free but I will take it! I am already looking for things at garage sales that will make the reception look beautiful and with the help of my amazing sister, Kristin and my sister-in-law Meghan we will make this reception look beautiful for next to nothing! I can't wait to post about it! The happy couple will be getting married July 13th! Congrats Justin and Katrina!

Here is what I bought this week!
 I found a roll of paintable wallpaper for $3 dollars! The price tag says $5 but I asked her to go down to $3! 
 I love the print on them too! I found the same brand at A roll the size of the one I bought is $19.96. I saved myself almost $17 dollars!
I will be using these in the wedding decor. I bought all three of these candle holders for $7 dollars! Just so you get an idea of how big these are the biggest one comes up to my belly button!
I also bought this antique headboard and footboard for $20 dollars
 I am not quite sure what I will do with it just yet. I will either repaint it and sell it or i will convert it into a front porch bench if it fits on my porch!
 These were also another wedding decor purchase. I bought these decorative sticks for $2 dollars
I bought this box of floral foam and moss for $2.50
 The moss is ugly right now but I do have a plan for it!
 The wedding will be a bit of a garden wedding theme and the bride loves the idea of using watering cans. I have plenty of those but just in case I bought this one for $1

I love this "thing" I don't know what to call it but I LOVE it! I can't wait to use it in something. I bought this for $3. A little high but I knew I wanted it.
This cute little lattern was also $1

FREE! This was free! I took this and the lattern up to the seller to pay and when I reached in my pocket to pay her I was just a little bit short so I put the flowers back after turning around to go back to my car the lady yelled after me and told me I could just take it! Nothing beats free!
I love this little wooden tray! I paid $2 dollars for it! I have an awesome idea for it too! 
We will be needing frames to display picture of the Bride and Groom so we are collecting frames. I bought these for $1 each! Don't worry I will give them a new look!
I also bought this framed mirror for $1!
More moss. This bag was .25 cents 
I also bought this cute white reebok workout tank for $1! I love it! I already wore it to work out in and spilt the jelly from my PB&J sandwich on it. Hope it comes out!

I also bought this frame for $2 dollars. I love the keys and key hole that are inside. I am not sure what I will do with this yet but I am sure I will find something to do with it!
 Here are some cute white butterfly sandals I bought for $1 for Jaysa
I also bought this new eye lash curler. I swear my girls favorite toys are my eyelash curlers! They love to pretend like they are curling their eyelashes. Because of this my eyelash curlers get lost ALL THE TIME. So here is a new one to add to my pile! I only paid $1 for it!


I know you can't tell from the picture but this pot came up to my hip! The lady only wanted $1 dollar for it!!! It had a small crack in the back but I really had to search to find. This is one of those things that you place on your shelf and just turn the flaw toward the back so no one see it. I thought about buying this and spray painting it. At the last second I decided not to, put the vase down and walked away. As I started to have second thoughts I turned around and someone had snatched it up. This just goes to show that if your not sure about something hold on to it until you are positive you don't want it. The second you put something down and walk away that means it's game for everyone else.
This antique bed was $80 dollars. I really loved it but knew I had to many projects sitting in my garage so I wrote the guys number down and called him after the garage sale day was over. It had not sold! I am thinking about calling him when I get some projects out of the way but we will see. $80 is still a little bit high for me.
Ok, I love this table! Look how cute this is! It sold for $50 dollars.
Here is a brand new pair of Under Armor shoes! The lady wanted $35 for them. It was late in the day and she was bargining on all her items so I am sure she would have gone down. Beats buying them for $70 or more in the store!
Here is another pair of new shoes! These are shoes from the Buckle! I pulled these out of the box to take a picture. The guy only wanted $5 dollars for them! I would have bought them but they were a size 9.
This bike was $40 or OBO. Guess what that means!!! The seller is willing to go down! I come from a family that has 7 kids so buying brand new bikes from the store was never an option. My Mom always bought us bikes at garage sales and none of my friends could tell the difference from their store bought bike and my garage sale bike! I looked up Mongoose bikes at and they were all around $100 dollars. Here is one that is similar for $119

I forgot to ask what size bed this was. It's either a king or a queen. I LOVE this bed! The head board is so tall and I would have loved to paint it white but it was already sold and out of my price range. The bed plus this dresser was bought for $200 dollars.

This is a set of two end tables
a coffee table
and a matching entryway table. These are really nice heavy duty glass with a wrought iron base. The lady was selling the set for $100 dollars
This was love at first sight for me. I really wish I had a big office this could have gone in. It was also already sold when I got there. This is a long L shaped two toned desk. I only got a picture of the one side. It sold for $200 dollars!
The bottom of the desk stood on these legs so it was up off the ground.
Here is how it looked on the inside. I have never seen a desk this nice at a garage sale. I am sure this desk was a few thousand dollars in the store. I envy the person that bought this!

This is a really nice solid wood crib. They wanted $65 for it, which is a good price but they had it in a awakard spot. They had it up against the wall in the garage while everything else they were selling was pretty much outside of the garage. This didn't sell and I believe it was because no one knew it was for sale. I am working on painting a nursey set right now but I am hoping to be able to give this gal a call and pick it up from her after I sell the nursery set.

These snowboarding goggles were a few bucks a piece. A few of these were Oakley brand. I found these Oakley goggles online at for $35!

This clock was only $5!

I wanted to buy this so bad. The seller wanted $25 for it. If it had been a Radio Flyer wagon I would have paid the $25 but it didn't have a brand and he wouldn't go down so I left it behind. It would have been so cute in a children's photo session!
My girls LOVE these Littlest Petshop pals. I used to have about 100 of them but I sent some to my niece who had brain cancer. I bought most of them for about .10 cents a piece! There are 12 in this bag and the girl wanted $2 dollars for the whole bag. Thats about .17 cents each. These are about $2 dollars a piece in the store. I found this package of two pets at on sale for $3.96. It was $5!
Here is a pet cage for $25 that comes with all the supplies you need for that annoyingly expensive cute furry thing your kid wants.
Here is some more packaged makeup. Elf is not the best brand of makeup but if you like the color it's worth a try! I am going to be really honest. I buy most of my eye shadows from garage sales like this that sale makeup that has not been opened.  It's just so cheap!
How cute is this little dress? This was an 18 month dress and had a matching dress in a size 5 for an older girl. They are brand new and have never been worn and still have tags on them! The lady wanted $10 dollars a piece which I'm sure is a good price compared to what she paid for them but just too much for me so I passed them up.
Cute HOME block letter. The seller wanted $7 for these. Still a little high but if you loved them enough it would have been worth it.
Here is a REALLY nice baby carrier! I totally forgot to look for a brand this time but they only wanted $30 for this. If you hike a lot and have kids this would have been a great find.

Watches! There were so many people interested in these I practically had to push people out of the way   just get a picture of them! :) Just Kidding! I asked politely before I pushed. :) still kidding. The watch faces were $6 the beaded wrist bands were anywhere from $7 to $10.
and they had some really cute ones!

This would have been a fun re-do. This old vintage desk was $25


  1. I have that same wallpaper that I used on a dresser. I wish I would have gotten it for 3 bucks!

    1. Jess! Thank you so much for following me! That stuff started to get expensive huh? So glad I found this for $3!

  2. You don't fool around when it comes to garages sales, do you? It's game on as soon as you hit the first sale! Congratulations on making it to the top 20. I made it as well...look forward to seeing where this journey takes us! Best of luck.

    1. Best of Luk to you too Amy! I LOVE your blog name by the way! SO cute!

  3. omg! I want that key frame you got! So cute!!!!

    1. I know it's so cute and only $2! That was a steal!

  4. wow - love the deals and that you had plans for some things but will find inspiration for what to do with the others. following from thee blog hop!

    1. Awesome Meredith! Thank you! I will head over to your site soon!

  5. oh! and ps - so cool about your brother! would love to hear his story sometime!

    1. Just followed you through google plus! ...I think! First time I have tried that!

  6. You had me at garage sale... new follower!!

  7. Oh my goodness so much cool stuff!!

    Thanks for linking up to the blog hop :)

  8. visting from Thee Blog Hop! Love your finds! I wish I had more to choose from in my area. GREAT design for your blog!

  9. Such a great blog! Love garage sales, thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following right back!!

  10. Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm now following yours!

  11. Wow!! You make some pretty amazing finds. I'm not very experienced in garage sales, just going to them one in a while. I held a big one last summer before we moved. I sold quite a bit, but I really struggled with the pricing. You seem to really have a knack for spotting the jewels. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two. I hope so!!!!

    1. Diane,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. I hope I can teach you a thing or two!

  12. You had me at garage sale! What fab finds - especially that cute little wagon! Wouldn't it have made the cutest planter too?!

    And you are adorable in your cute little suspenders too!