Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Melissa's Quick and Easy Redo

After reading about my quick and easy redo here Melissa was inspired to start her own project with something she had sitting around the house. Melissa bought 2 of these at D.I and paid $2 a piece for them. She said that when she bought them they had some floral arrangement on them, which she pulled off. As you can see some of the glue was left behind. To be able to use these in her home she had to give them a makeover.
So she painted them and sanded them down a little bit to give them this new look!

Here is her before and after!
Love it!

Melissa is also a garage saler and while I was at her house taking pictures of her quick and easy redo I noticed this cute ensemble sitting up on one of her shelves. She bought all of this from garage sales and D.I. and only spent of $6 dollars on everything! I LOVE the frame. It's bigger than my vintage frame that I love so much. I paid $20 for my frame. Melissa only paid $3 for hers!


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