Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feb. 25th 2012

Here is what I found this week!
Cute sparkly black shoes for Paisley. $1!
Cute brown suede boots also for Paisley. $1!
Fake lollipops! I have a plan for this in a photo session! Can't wait to share! I got them all for $1
Shin gaurds.
I am coaching a girls little league soccer team this year and one of my girls doesn't have any shin guards. Her parents are also a little low on money so I picked these up for her for $1.

Cute pink shoes for me! $2

Love this!
I have never seen one of these before but it's a Boppy Infant Lounger. I looked at these on the offical Bobby website and find the exact same one! On Amazon.com these are selling for $30. I paid a tenth of that! I paid $3 for mine!
Cute wall embellishment. I plan to paint it and put it in my bathroom or the girls bathroom. $1!

I have been finding lots of clothes for me lately
Here is a cute Forever 21 shirt I bought for $1
Here it is on
Cute pink and blue shirts. A dollar a piece and one still has the tags on it!
Here is the blue shirt on with a white blazer I bought at D.I. for $5!
Cute Reebok active jacket. $1
Hopefully I will get some Fashion on a Dime's up with some of these outfits on so you can get a better look at how cute they are!

Here is something that my kids have already had lots of fun with.
This is a 6 foot piano matt that you jump on to make the keys play. It was brand new and had NEVER been opened! I bought it for $2
Here is Jaysa playing on it.
Even Paisley loves playing on it. This could be lots of fun for kids of all ages.

Another great find that has provided my kids with lots of entertainment is this play-dough I bought for $2. There were 16 tubs of play-dough!
Some of them hadn't even been played with!
Jaysa was so excited when I brought these out.
We invited our friends Abby and Emmy over to enjoy the fun
These little girls had so much fun!
Emmy building a tall tower with hers. Good thing I only paid 12.5 cents a piece for these cause it was impossible to make sure these girls didn't mix the colors! I guess thats the fun part though.

Brand new! These are for your closet doors but how cute would this have been!
I love this idea!

Kids shoes
About 99% of my girls shoes are bought at garage sales and second hand stores. I can count on one hand how many pairs of shoes I have bought at department stores for them and I have never met another kid with as many shoes as they have! Kids shoes are SO easy to find at garage sales!
Jamie and Jack shoes $1
Jack and Lilly boots $3!
$1 for any one of these!
size 1.5 Diadora soccer cleats $3!

This is one of those JJ Cole Infant Bundleme covers. They wanted $3!
I looked this one up and found it on amazon.com. The used one is $22!

Stamp it up!
Anywhere from $2 to $15

Dresser for $8!!!!!!!!!!
I wish so bad that I would have gotten to this garage sale a little sooner! How cute would this dresser be in a little girls room, painted pink with mod podge handles! So disappointed I didn't get there first!

BuildaBear Buzz Lightyear bear- $8! I know to some people this may sound high but BuildaBear charges so much for their stuff. For Christmas my sister-in-law got my girls two $25 dollar BuildaBear girft certificates. Jaysa got a cute confetti cupcake bear, which was $22 dollars and then we bought it a little outfit which was $12! We spent a total of $34 dollars just on one teddy bear!!!!!!!
Baby bouncer $15
Another bouncer chair $3!

Kids stroller $25
These are not Scentsy but they would work for it! $1 per jar!
Cute car infant toy. We had one of these when Jaysa was a baby and she loved it! You can honk the horn start the engine and drive. $3!
Brand new bubble toy- $1!


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