Saturday, June 28, 2014

Old Type Writter Photo Session

A month or two ago our family headed out to New Mexico for C.J.'s Grandfather's 80th Birthday. I convinced C.J. and his Dad to come out garage saleing with me and I found this!

The seller wanted $25 dollars for it which is actually a REALLY good price but I convinced him to sell it to me for $15!

After posting it on my Instagram I had a friend tell me how much she loved it so I thought I would do a photo session with her little boy and the typewriter.

Meet this uber cute little boy, Gramm!

It was a pretty quick photo session but we got some really cute pictures!

 Of course I had to get a cute pair of glasses for him to wear! I found these for .50 cents at a garage sale and took the lenses out. He was such a trooper trying to keep these on for us!


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