Saturday, September 1, 2012

Show & Tell Saturday

I hope you all are enjoying seeing everyone else's thrifted projects! Here is another one that I LOVE! 

Here is Revi from Revisionary Life to share with us her chair makeover.

I realized something about myself today.
I already knew it, I just didn't know how
hard core I am about it. Blogging is so good for that.
I am a Plain Jane. I WANT to be more blingy.
But I just can't do it. It's not me.
Case in point:
I found this great chair for three bucks.
It has nice details - carved legs, 
a lovely arched design on top of the back, 
and the perfect place to put a design.
I started thinking about what I might do
the minute I put her in the car. 
A number? Which one? I already have a 7.
A graphic from the Graphic Fairy?
What kind? A French label? Something
industrial looking? Vintage? Choices, choices.
Then, I had a great idea! 
An ampersand. You know - the "and" sign.
I found a lovely font and enlarged it. 
I even looked up the history of the ampersand.
It's quite interesting. And it's French. 
"Perfect," I thought. 
And I even went so far as to name this chair.
Annie would be a new companion to Martha.
It made perfect sense. She has a new 
coat of Annie Sloan Old White on her.
And she'll soon have an ampersand on her back.
So I taped the ampersand on the chair, 
to try and find the perfect placement.
I wanted it visually centered in the space.
When I stepped back to look at the placement,
I hated it.
Well, hate may be too strong a word.
It didn't feel right. So I took it off.
And I gently distressed her
to show off her curves.
Did you notice those legs?
As I sanded, I kept wondering what else I might
put in the center of that virtual blank canvas.
And I drew a blank. 
If not the chair back, 
then what about the seat cover?
A patterned fabric? 
A transfer on canvas?
Nope. Plain old solid drop cloth.
If I have disappointed any of you
who wanted to see a number or graphic, 
please forgive me.
I just like plain stuff. At least the BIG stuff.
Walls and furniture - I like them plain. 
I don't think I have problems with commitment,
it's just that I like to change things around a lot.
And plain things allow me to do that with the 
least amount of work possible.
Now, pillows or lampshades or artwork...
THAT'S a different story altogether!

Revi! I can't believe this chair was only $3 dollars!!!! what a great find and I love the plain jane look it so elegant and so perfectly simple all at the same time! Great job on this one!


  1. throw a cute little pillow on there to solve your "blingy" desires :) It looks fab and holy smokes, three bucks?!!

  2. Today while I was out garage saleing/saling(?) I thought of your site and was so excited to look at things with new eyes. I saw lots of good stuff today! I think your "plain" chair is beautiful. I love the simplicity.

  3. That is exactly the kind of chair I need to find for my daughter's room! She has a dresser that used to be my mom's with a built in drop down desk and I need to find an old chair to go with it. I can't believe the price for the one you got and love how you refinished it- plain white works for me. :)

  4. Hey, thanks so much for this feature! It's a new experience for me...and I LIKE it!
    Many blessings,