Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fashion on a Dime

I think I have missed the last two weeks of my Fashion on a Dime series! I am so sorry! Life for me gets so overwhelming at times and I have been trying to cut back on some things and pay attention to my family a little bit more. I do however have some really cute outfits for future posts that I am so excited about!  

 Also please tell me you can tell I have a personality!  Here is a little fact you did not know about me. I can actually make some incredibly goofy and ugly faces. I think I have more muscles in my face than normal people... HA! jk. I HATE taking pictures though! When that camera comes out and I know I have to take a serious picture, I freeze up and I am not myself. So here is the first of many funny faces to help me get a little more comfortable in front of my camera! 
This is my "hurry up and take the dang picture because I am sick of smiling" face

 Financial stats for this outfit are:
Hot pink blazer: $5 dollars at D.I.
Miss Me jean shorts: $7.50 from Savers
Cream lace shirt- $1.50 at a garage sale
Hot pink belt- $2 dollars at D.I.
Nude shoes- $3 dollars at a garage sale
Total outfit cost is $19 dollars with a DPWF of $1.90!


  1. love the outfit! hot pink is so fun!

  2. I have a question for you... Do you do anything to disinfect the shoes that you buy or do you clean them in anyway. Sorry if that sounds weird but its something I'm kind or paranoid about. Thanks :D

  3. Cute!! Love the little matching pink belt too :)

  4. Great color! And such a bargain at $5 for the hot pink blazer!

    Stop by my What I Wore Wednesday post and say, "G'Day!"


  5. you crack me up with that first pic!!! great outfit!

  6. This blazer is to die for! I love how you paired it shorts to make it casual. Love your blog, and I'm missing seeing your garage sale finds every weekend!

    <3 Danielle