Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Wedding Day

My brother and his beautiful bride were married on Friday. Despite a little bit of rain everything was beautiful! I couldn't be more happy for my brother. I have always said that who ever married Justin was going to be the luckiest girl in the world. I know he will be the sweetest and most thoughtful husband and a great dad one day. Likewise Justin is just as lucky to have married a girl like Katrina. Their love for each other is so obvious and they are a perfect match. I couldn't have picked a better wife for my brother!

 As far as the reception goes I am still editing pictures of all the decor but in the mean time I have a funny story to tell you. Every Sunday for the last month I have been down in Vegas getting ready for the reception. This was often times the only day I could get down there. Sometimes I would drive down early in the morning and leave late at night. I was feeling a little guilty because I would only go to the first part of church and then play hookie for the last two hours to come home and get things done. As the wedding got closer and weather forecast got worse I started to worry. I had worked so hard to make everything look beautiful and it could all be destroyed by the rain. I started to silently pray that it wouldn't rain and as I did that my guilt for skipping church grew stronger. Then the day of the wedding came and I woke up to the rain. I knew it! This was my punishment! I could work as hard as I wanted to but the Lord had power to turn my hard work into nothing. As the reception got closer and the storms continued to roll in I started to panic. We had already had pull in all the tables and chairs and cover everything else with plastic once. At this point I was praying, "I have learned my lesson I won't skip church in order to get ahead again. Please just let the weather clear up for the reception.  Have any of you ever heard the expression the" Lord has a sense of humor"? Well it's true! My parents have a patio that is not fully covered. It has aluminum bars that run horizontal to create a flat roof. Knowing that it might rain we covered it with a durable clear plastic to try to make sure our guests didn't get wet. I was walking around trying to make sure everything was under the patio. I started to pray again and right at that moment somehow the biggest puddle of water fell off my parents FLAT roof right ON TOP OF MY HEAD! HA! I looked up in shock at the people around me. As the water dipped from my head down onto my face I started to laugh thinking "HA! Thats funny Heavenly Father!" I was dripping wet! I am grateful to say that shortly after that, the storm cleared up and we were able to get all the tables and chairs out in the yard and pull the plastic off everything. In the end the storm was actually a blessing because it really cooled everything down. People were able to sit outdoors comfortably without sweating to death.  I am amazed at how it all came together and I am so happy with the way everything turned out! All my hard work paid off. I had so much fun in the process and the Bride and Groom and all the guests loved how beautiful everything looked. I will have pictures of the reception up soon but until then check out my very FRIST GIVEAWAY that will go live tonight at 12:00am!!!! 


  1. They look like such a happy couple! And, I LOVE her hair!! Actually, I have told many people, since our daughter was born, that God has a terrific sense of humor! After al, we tried, and prayed, and prayed, and tried some more to conceive. And, after 9 years and 5 months, I was finally pregnant. At age 40! And, our daughter went into the breach position at around 7 months. She had to be born via C-section, and within a week, she was diagnosed with acid reflux,and cried, pretty much non stop, for oh, about 6 MONTHS! She would only take naps for 4 months of her life. And, she is a horrible sleeper! Oh yeah, God has a sense of humor, all right!!!

  2. ha ha ha Sue that is crazy! I can't believe she didn't take naps past four months! I would go crazy! You are a saint!