Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 14th 2012

We have had some massive down pours this past week. Roads have been closed off due to flooding and small mud slides. I even saw one family have to abandon their car! It's been a bit wild so as you can imagine the garage sales were almost non existent. I drove the first part of my route and found two garage sales signs but only one garage sale. At that point I decided it was not worth my gas and drove home. As much as you might want to keep garage saleing and try to find great deals you have to be smart about your time and your fuel! Sometimes it's just best to throw in the towel for that week and try again next week.
I did not buy anything this week but here is what I found at the ONE garage sale I went to 
 This kids toy chest was $10. I thought it was a little high but may have paid $7 for it. No harm in asking!

These bikes were the best deal that I saw. The red on was $10.
 And the pink one was $15. Bikes are something that I will never buy brand new! Look how nice these bikes are. Your kids probably wouldn't even be able to tell that you didn't buy them from the store and you would save yourself about $100 dollars!
 They also had lots of games from 2-3 dollars.

I mentioned that I saw two signs. The other sign I saw lead me nowhere and I was unable to find the garage sale. The sign was a great size and had great placement but NO arrows. This sign has inspired me to write my next post about how important your garage sale signs are to having a successful garage sale! Stay tuned!


  1. OMG I SO know what you mean about signs without arrows! So annoying! And also equally annoying are the people who don't take their signs down!

  2. I know exactly what your talking about Jamie!