Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 5th 2012

Good Morning Eeveryone!
I'll start this post off with a little story if you don't mind. I am visiting my parents this week because my husband is out of town on business. This is all great and fun but my parents are known for having poor internet and poor computers to work with. When I remembered this I thought "oh, it won't be a problem I have my lap top and my Verizon internet card that will get me internet. Just as that thought passed through my mind I heard my husband say "babe, your going to hate me but I have to take the Verizon internet card with me." Trying to stay optimistic I thought well at least I don't have to use their computers......HA..... I am currently sitting at the Starbucks down the road from my parents house in my slippers, P.J.'s and my hair up in a scronchie from the 1990's cause thats all my mom had. I hope you can hear the bitterness in my typing. Here's my story.

It was late last night and I thought I had finished my post about my garage sale weekend and I was about to post it but remembered that I had forgotten the best part! I  go back to my computer and sign on my parents wifi.

 Thoughts running through my head:......."this is taking a little longer than normal"........."What's going on?"............"Oh, I hope this works I just spent the last few hours on this post." 

Computer: "Connection Timed out"


Me trying to stay optimistic and have a little faith: It must just be a fluke. I will try it again. 

Computer: "connection timed out"

Angry thoughts running through my head that have been edited: BLEEP!...........BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEPIDTY, BLEEPIN, BLEEP.............BLEEPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At this point I was one of those mother's who's eyes we about to bulge out of their head and I knew I need a time out of my own. So after taking my timeout and letting the fumes that were building in my mind cool off I thought I'll just email myself the pictures and get on my dad's computer. No big deal. So I walked back into my dad's office and stood there looking at this.
What the heck is that?..........How do I even turn it on?............ Is that the mouse? That thing is useless dinosaur! I'll try the internet again. 

My thoughts: "If it doesn't work this time no big deal, don't blow up, stay calm, be an adult.

Computer: "Connection timed out" 

In case your a visual person:

At first I was like
But then I was like


I hope you all understand my humor. I really don't swear....... a lot...... outloud. :) ok, maybe it's something I am working on.    

So now that it's Tuesday morning and I am sitting in the Starbucks with everyone starring at how ridiculous I look here is what I found this week while garage saleing!

This week I spent a total of $12.50. I put myself on a little bit of a budget and I will show you why at the end of my post. Here is what I bought.
I bought this comfy shirt for $1. Its from Forever Twentyone.

I also bought this cute pink lacey shirt. 
The girl wanted $3 dollars for it but I asked her to go down to $2! It's from Charlotte Russe.
I Can't wait to use this for a Fashion on a Dime!

I also bought this little wall sconce for $1. I am secretly hoping that one of the girls that I am helping decorate rooms for will want to do something like this

I Love this! It's so simple yet elegant. And it would be so cheap when you can find sconces for $1 at garage sales! (It has a $12.99 sticker from Marshall's on the back!) I should have taken a picture but I am out of town and it's at home!

I also bought this LED Cap Light for $1. It's never even been opened! Here is one that  is similar at Walmart.com for $19.97

I am ALWAYS in need of a new pair of sun glasses! I swear I have been cursed with some sort of wicked spell because no matter how hard I try I always manage to loose or break every pair of sunglasses I have ever owned. For this reason I do not let myself have nice sunglasses. I bought these two pair of sunglasses for $1 each!

Two bags of quilt batting for .50 cents each. Here is the same kind at an online store called buycheaper.com for $7.49
This is a broach from a necklace I bought for .50 cents. I am going to use it in a bow!
Here is another set of curtains. These have a Walmart clearance tag on them for $4.00 dollars. I paid .50 cents a piece for them

The last thing I bought was these frames. I love these! They fit an 8x10 picture and are really nice and heavy duty. I bought them for 1.50 each! 
I wish you could see these in person. They look kinda cheap in this picture but they aren't. I couldn't believe she sold both of them to me for $3 dollars.

How far did your $12.50 go in the store? My $12.50 bought me two frames, a pair of curtains, two bags of quilt batting, two pair of sunglasses, two shirts, an LED cap light, a wall scones and a broach that is going to make me one dang cute bow for my girls hair! I guarantee you couldn't make your $12.50 stretch that far in a store!!!

These were at the first garage sale I went to. The crib was $30 "or whatever, we want to get rid of it"as the seller said. What do I always say? When the seller says something like this ask them  to go down!!!!! This means they are unattached to the item and that the space in their garage is worth more to them than what they are selling. 
This little table could have easily been converted into a changing table, or T.V. stand or entry way table. The shelf is not broken it just needs the plastic adjusters that go in the holes on the side and those are incredibly cheap! I have even found them at garage sales before!
They were also selling cute decorative pillows for $1 each. They had three of these red paisley printed ones.
This Food Saver was brand new!
It was still in the styrofoam! They wanted $10 for it!

How about a little dog tent for the kids to play in? My girls love the tents they have!

Here's a couch that had a matching love seat for $500. I have seen better deals but it still beats paying store prices

This is such a cute wall hanger! The seller only wanted $3 dollars for it!
Are you itching for a wing back chair like everyone else? These look so good once the fabric is updated! This one was $15 dollars!
Still not a good enough deal for you? This one was only $5!!!!!!!!!!
Here is a nice jogging stroller for $10 dollars
This is a really pretty dinette set for $125
This coffee table is GORGEOUS! If I didn't have little wobbly babies running around that would hit their heads on this I would have bought it!
Here's the bottom. She only wanted $25 for it!

Here is a look that's really popular.
Normally you would have to buy chairs and redo them yourself to get this look but why spend the time redoing them if you can find them at a garage sale!
This lady was selling three of these chairs and wanted $20 dollars a piece for them
I spaced taking a picture of the third chair! It was a lavender purple.
Someone snatched them right up too! I saw this car at another garage sale down the road!
This is an outdoor pot for $18
Colored jean is in! This blue skirt was $3 dollars.
These are Miss Me and Laguna Beach jeans! The girl wanted $10 a piece for them which is a good deal. If your buying these new they are doing to be anywhere from $70 to $100 dollars!
How fun are these?! Gray, pink and zebra striped, high top nikes for $3 dollars.
Here are some little boys 4T GAP jeans for $1.
These are very nice, real wood bunk beds. These sold so fast! They got a great deal at $100 dollars for the set!
Here is a picket fence toddler bed for $25

This little piano for kids was only $5 dollars! It needed some TLC but would have been lots of fun!
Here is a baby girl blanket made with minky! I am wishing I had bought this. It was only $3 dollars
This tin sign was $5 dollars. These are always cute with a last name in vinyl on them!
I loved this!!!! They wanted $5 dollars for it and I thought it was a little too high so I left it behind. :( 

Here are some Kreg jigs! I just did a tutorial on my farm house table that I used these for! Click Here to see that tutorial. They guy wanted $5 a piece on these! Great deal if your plan on making your table!

I saw lots of cute black boots this weekend!
These fashion cowboy style boots were $8 dollars
These black flat boots are extremely popular right now too. This picture doesn't do them justice. They were much cuter in real life and I love the zipper on the back of them. These were only $3. I bought mine for $30 at Shoe Carnival and I thought that was a great deal!
I was in love with these ones! I was so excited when I saw these but then I looked at the bottom and they were a size 9. Too big for me :( :( :( They were also only $3 dollars
This is a baby sing that can also convert into a bouncer! I have never seen these. They wanted $20 dollars for it. A lady also walked by me when I was looking at it and told me to ask them to go down to $10 because they were not turning down any offers!

Here is a decorative pot for $10. A little high but it was at the garage sale that they weren't turning offers down. There's no harm in trying!
This paper organizer was $10. Its worth it to be able to have the organization! It would look cute painted too!
The shelf next to it was only $5!
How cute are these headbands?! The seller only wanted $2 dollars a piece for them!
This is a brand new smart cycle racer. The sealed tape was still on the box. She wanted $50 dollars for it but they were willing to barter. Here it is at Target. com for 84.99. Even if the seller wouldn't go down you would still be saving $35 dollars on a brand new toy!
I came so close to buying this cute little end table! It was only $3 dollars! I hope someone else bought it! It was an awesome find.
Here is an entire bedroom set that came with a queen bed, dresser with mirror, nightstand and a bench for only $150. Great for someone trying to furnish a bedroom!

I also ran across two business garage sales this week. 

From Head to Toe...Buttons and Bows

The Burp clothes are SO CUTE! They are 3 for $15
Here are some better pictures I pulled off their blog
 So cute for a girl!

The wipe cases were $10
Here is my favorite one.
Boppy covers!
 I have never seen covers as cute as these girls make. These are between $15 and $20 depending on style and fabric.
Love this one!

I believe the car seat covers were $35

Oh and NEED this blanket! Looking at it just makes me want to snuggle up on the couch with it. How cute would a baby girl looked wrapped up in this too?!?!
The Pettiskirts and tutus were between $15 and $20
The bow holders are $9.
I really Love the stuff these girls make. Its of a boutique quality but at a reasonable price at the same time. They also have baby bracelets, nursing covers, changing pads and blessing dresses and tuxedo's! Great gifts for baby showers!  Head on over to their blogspot. They accept Credit cards!

This is the Fancy Nancy Garage Sale
I wanted all of this jewelry!!!!! Please click on some of these pictures to get a closer look at how cute everything is and its also affordable!

I wish I had more information for you with this one but like I said before I am out of town and I left her card at home! But don't worry! Nancy is THE sweetest lady and allowed me to take a necklace to do a giveaway with!!!!!!!!!! Thats right! In celebration of reaching 100 followers (which we reach yesterday) We are going to start doing giveaways! Nancy and her jewelry will soon have their very own post with all the necessary information for you! I have lined up a few giveaways for future months and Nancy's necklace will be one of first ones! Keep an eye out for that because I am jealous of whoever wins this necklace! I want it!

Ok so now for the best part of my post and the reason I put myself on a little budget this weekend. Friday morning my mom gave me a call and in a low whisper said" I am at a garage sale with the most BEAUTIFUL old chairs I have ever seen. At this point my heart started pounding and I told her to send me a picture. After getting the picture I called her back right away and said "I want them!" There were a total of 8 chairs and the guy wanted $150 dollars for them. This was a very reasonable price but Wow 8 chairs is a lot and I can't afford $150. I asked my mom to work her magic and see if she could get them for any cheaper. After a few minutes she called me back and in a lower and very excited whisper said "He said he will do $100 for the set!" OH MY GOSH! but what am I going to do with 8 chairs?! I DON'T KNOW BUT I DON'T CARE. I WILL FIGURE IT OUT LATER. I WANT THEM!
Here are my beautiful chairs! 
There are two captain chairs with arms.
And 6 chair without arms. I got the set of 8 for $100 dollars! Thats $12.50 a chair!

Do you know what type of chair you can buy for 12.50 at a store?!?!

At Walmart for $12. 86 you can buy this awesome children's Hello Kitty chair! Thats almost just as good, right?
It's even on sale! Normally its 18.86!

Check Back in a little while for our This Is A Man's World finds!


  1. Looks like you got lots of great finds. I haven't had time to hit up a single sale yet. Ugh! Maybe in a few weeks. I'm going home to see my family next week and I would really love to hit up my fave antiqing places but we'll see if we have time or not.


    1. I LOVE antique stores! my mom used to take me when I was a kid and it was so much fun!!!!

  2. haha. i LOVED your story and your visuals for how you reacted at your computer issue..
    i totally know that feeling. ive had the same issues before. soo annoying~!

    1. yes! Technology is so annoying at time but we can't live without it! It's a bit of a love hate relationship for me

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! That computer is old! And now I have a visual to go along with the email. You in Starbucks with your hair all in a scrunchie. Some of your finds were great! I love that black and white chair...giving me ideas hmmmmmm!

    1. ha ha ha glad I can help give you a visual! I can look back and laugh at it now! I was pretty mad in the moment. yeah for ideas! don't forget to send some pictures when you finish your idea!

  4. I love this post!! I received an email last night from a blogger that I was supposed to write something for....it was one of those that said nothing about how I should have my post to her but you knew that was why she sent it. Then I remembered that I had it 90% written when my daughter pulled out the plug! IT DIDN'T SAVE! I had just spent like 3 hours on it, and it didn't save! I couldn't believe it! And I couldn't bring myself to start over that day. Then my computer broke! Then we moved, and now a month after I told her that I would get it right to her, she sends me a email saying "Looking forward to your post! Sorry it took me so long to respond!" She's sorry? OMG I couldn't believe I forgot! I've been having the worst time with electronics!
    I also love your blog! I have the same chair of those 2 cute ones that have been redone. I still have to redo mine. Thanks so much for stopping by and for the follow!

    1. NO way! Oh my gosh that is no fun!!!!! A few days after that post I opened up a fortune cookie and it said "if things aren't getting one blame it on the computer" Ha! I laughed so hard. Technology can be so difficult sometimes!

  5. omgoodness, i love your blog and i love this post! :) i found you on kristina's page/giveaway.
    what amazing finds...from the paisley pillows, those awesome chairs and $2 headbands!
    ahh, you make me want to go to a garage sale/thrift shop right now!
    i can't believe what you got for $12.50. i'm big on bargains and never like to pay full price. all these finds are one of a kind...love them!
    thank you for sharing!
    looking forward to following.

    1. Maria, you are so sweet. When you do get out garage saleing don't forget to send us some pictures! everyone loves to see the deals!

  6. oh my gosh, your posts are making me absolutely giddy for when my boyfriend and I move into our own place in a few months. I can't WAIT to furnish it and DIY the heck out of it. yay!