Sunday, May 6, 2012

Free Paint!

I hope you all remembered to run to Ace for you free can of paint yesterday. I found my soul paint! Did you?
My soul paint was Maize! This is what color I am doing my next project in!
If you didn't find your soul paint thats ok. According to the Ace Hardware there's lots of men covered in paint waiting for your beckoning call!

 If you are not sure about what color you want don't let that stop you! Ask the sales associate for one that is not tinted! When you decide what color you want you take it back in and ask them to add color to it. This way your not making a color commitment and you still get a free can of paint! If your project requires more than one can of paint go in with a friend that doesn't need paint! I had my mom go in and grab one. She is giving me her free can of paint! The next Free Paint Saturday is June 16th! Mark it on your calendar!


  1. Oh goodness I completely forgot about this! I am so going on June 16th! Gotta love free paint!


  2. Cool! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Those guys are so creepy looking lol.

    Love the color you chose!

  4. Thanks for the follow! Really enjoy your blog.

  5. oooh why didn't i read this post yesterday?? i would have been immediately out the door. that color looks great you picked

  6. please come decorate my house or teach me all your ways!!!
    I am in the process of trying to decorate the "guest/boys' bathroom.. & I am thinking rubber ducky theme.

    love your blog!!


  7. Hi! Thanks for the visit- following back! I grabbed my free paint!! :)

  8. Hi I am a new follower - hope you will come check out my blog and follow me, too!