Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I HATE Blogger

Alright so for the 2nd time now I have written up my Week to Week post for May 19th and somehow it has again disappeared. The first time it was in draft from the second time it was published. It is gone. I have looked everywhere and I have not deleted anything. Since I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to write it a third time I am working on getting a very shortened version of it that will let you know the important parts of my garage sale day. 


  1. That really stinks you have to write the post all over. What a pain! For some reason I've been having problems with Blogger too.


  2. That's funny, because I was having the same problem last week!
    Blogger is always updating stuff I think, so sometimes it's down.
    Very lame.

  3. I had that happen once when I first started my blog. Since then I always copy and paste into a .doc file.

  4. I am glad to hear I am not the only one how has been having problems. I have for sure learned my lesson!!! I will be writing all posts in word and then pasting them in so I can have the original copy. Still so frustrating though!

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