Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garage Sales and bows

Making bows can be expensive especially if you want really cute center pieces. As I am sure I have mentioned before all of my center pieces for my bows are bought at garage sales in various forms. Some times it's an old earring, just loose plastic gems, pearls, buttons or a bead off of a necklace or bracelet. Here is a lot of bows I just used in a giveaway. 

The center for this bow is three little rinestone covered balls I pulled off of this old earring my grandmother bought at a garage sale a long time ago.

The three rinestone center's for these bows came off of this rhinestone headband my mom bought at a garage sale for $1 dollar.

The feathers in this bow were pulled off of a feather boa found at a garage sale

The silver beads in this bow came off of this bracelet my mom did not want anymore.

I pulled this ribbon out of my Mom's ribbon box that was either kept after receiving a gift or bought at a garage sale.

Here is another lot of bows I also just gave away. The winner of this lot has a photography business called Hidden Beauty Photography and I LOVE her photography. I swear my bows look better in her pictures than they do in real life!

Everything on this bow came from a garage sale. My mom picked up a bunch of zippers for me at a garage sale a while back. The green zipper was a few cents. The black center with the blue crystals was a button I found in a huge bag of buttons I bought at a garage sale. The black tule came off of a veil I bought at an estate sale. Here is Jaysa modeling it.
The peacock feathers came off of this costume mask my mom bought for .10 cents!

The center for this bow was pulled out of an old clip-on earring that didn't have a match. I bought it for .50 cents at a garage sale.

These feathers from this bow were pulled off of the same boa I used for the other bow that was similar to this one
Everything used in this bow was also bought at a garage sale.
I pulled the zipper out of the pile of zippers my mom bought me. The ostrich feather and cute pink, purple and blue center were also bought at a garage sale and given to me by my mother.
The two red zippers in this bow are again from the bunch of zippers my mom bought. The two oval pearls and black crystal button are from the jars I keep all my buttons and other centers in.
 The black tule is from the same veil I used for the peacock bow that Jaysa had on earlier.
This last zipper flower is also from the bunch my mom bought for me

You can make really cute bows for cheap from the craft materials you find at garage sales!!!


  1. These are gorgeous!! You are so creative! What a fantastic way to use a good garage sale find. Makes me want to get garage saling soon! So happy you stopped by from the hop and left a comment! Nice to 'meet' you! I host a creative link party on Fridays... would love to have you join us with all your creativity! :)

    1. I would love to Jennifer! I will put it on my calendar so I remember! Thanks for following back!

  2. Oh you are so so sweet, thank you so much!!! I love them so much!!

    1. Thanks for taking amazing pictures of them Rachel!

  3. Very cute! What I have started to do for my daughter is make "flowers" to cover cheap barrettes, out of clothing that my daughter gets stains on, instead of throwing it out. My motto is "buy used and save the difference". Also, "shop your pantry". Sounds like we have a lot in common!

    1. LOVE that idea Sue!!!I have never thought of that but I am going to have to start doing that! Love your motto's! We totally understand each other!

  4. Your bows are gorgeous!! My house is already full of tools an spray paint to refurnish items and scrapbooking supplies so I think if I started going to ribbon and jewels, my husband would kill me. These are gorgeous though! I'd happily buy tons!