Monday, April 16, 2012

April 14th, 2012

This week it rained again so there wasn't a whole lot out there. :(
Here is what I found.
A beautiful gold shelf for $5. I am not quite sure what I am doing with it yet but I loved it too much to pass it up!

Biggest Loser cook book for $2. I love using these recipes they make me feel so healthy!
Fun glass bottles for .50 cents a piece.
Gold frame for $1. I have a plan in my bedroom that deals with a bunch of gold frames! I will be collecting them at garage sales till I have enough!
Decorative wheel barrel for my garden for $2.
XL paint tarp for $5. This thing is huge. It is still folded in half like three more times! As you can see I have already put it to use with another project I am starting on. I was so excited to find this. If you have noticed I always bring my painting projects inside and I paint on my tile floor without putting anything down. So when my project is done I always end up scrubbing paint off my floor!
It will be nice not to have to scrub paint streaks off my floor any more!
Now I can just lay my tarp down and not worry about getting it everywhere!
Miracle Grow potting mix for $1!

And finally I am loving this color scheme!
So when I saw these curtains for $3 I knew I could use them for something!
Pair of tan curtains
Here is a close up of the fabric. I am not sure what I want to do with them. At first I thought I was going to use the fabric to make pillows out of them like the picture below but they would also look great just as they are!

Bare Mineral mineral foundation and mineral veil. $5 dollars a piece. These have never been opened and are still sealed! A lot of my eye shadows are Bare Mineral and were bought at a garage sale. They had also never been opened!
Kids hiking carrier for $20.
Not sure if this is a great price but it was late in the day and worth asking the seller to go down to a more reasonable price.
Photoshop Elements program for $6. If I didn't already have photoshop I might have bought this. For $6 it would have been worth a try! Can you see the price tag for $79.99 at the top right hand corner?!?!
The seller only wanted $10 dollars for these 3 barstool! The seats were dirty but those could have been easily recovered.
Fire pit that is still in the box for $50
Vacuum for $20.
Oh so cute baby boy clothes! They wanted $3 dollars a piece on the jackets, which is a little high for me but if I were having a boy I probably would have bought them. The brown Hurley jacket still had tags!
BRAND SPANKIN NEW Cricut! The seller's husband bought this for her as a gift. She was planning on taking classes to learn how to use it but they ended up being to far of a drive for her so she decided to sell it.
The box is still sealed and has never been opened!!! If anyone is interested in this email me at I got the ladies number and I will give it to you!
PUR water filtration system for $3 dollars.
They also had filters that went along with it for another $3.
New ceiling mount pot rack for $10.
200 square feet a beautiful hard wood flooring. Probably just enough for a bathroom or laundry room. They were previously asking $500 but no one bought it so they are now taking the best offer.
Hot pink dirt bike helmet for $40.

Now just because I didn't have the most successful day doesn't mean you won't. You NEVER know what you are going to find and everyones needs are different. Here is what my sister-in-law Meghan found. She got out Saturday morning and didn't garage sale for long. She went to a community garage sale and hit the jackpot! She is having a baby girl in about two months and needs baby girl clothes ASAP. I seriously can not believe she found all of this in one week! Make sure you click on the pictures to get a close up cause there are some seriously cute baby girl clothes in there!

There are:
17 Pajamas
8 shorts
26 pants
18 skirts
3 leggings
8 jeans
15 dresses
2 hats
2 mitten pairs
1 slipper pair
1 bib
9 diaper covers
1 sock pair
5 shoes pair
5 swimsuits
14 jackets
38 tops/shirts
48 onesies
2 blankets

Total items: 223!!!!!
Total cost: $57
Total cost per item: .25 cents!
Seriously, go to a children's clothing store and spend $57 dollars and see where it gets you. You might get a pair of pants and a shirt IF YOUR LUCKY! Meghan got 223 items for $57 dollars! Now thats what I call thrifty shopping! Great deals Meghan!


  1. Great finds! I am itching to get out there this year. Love your site. I'm a new follower. Check out my site. Diane

  2. Oh, I so want to go garage selling with you! You find some of the best stuff! It's still a bit chilly here, so no sales have been out. It's all thrift store shopping for me lately, which I am growing a bit tired of. They seem to keep jacking up the prices. Come on warm weather so I can find some good deals like these too!

    I would have peed my pants if I saw that cricket machine. Just yesterday I was talking to my girlfriend about those and we were both saying how we would love one. I would have had to do some serious begging to the husband for it though lol.

  3. Awesome finds! I do not know the brand of the hiking carrier you got, but $20 is a good deal! I just bought one open box for $75 and it was 60% off (it was a great brand) So Great find!!

  4. Thank You for following Diane. I will head over to your site as well! Theresa, I know I couldn't believe the cricut machine! The lady had never even opened the box just to look inside! Someone could have found a GREAT deal on that! Laurel I will have to start looking at brands. Thanks for letting us know how much they cost! It's crazy how expensive things can be in stores!