Monday, March 19, 2012

March 17, 2012

Here is what C.J. bought this week
Brand new tools bag. It still had the tags on it and everything! -$8
It holds all of C.J's hand tools. He LOVES it! Here is the same tool bag for $48!

He also bought:
a hand tiler- $3 We will be working on a garden in our back yard here in April. It's not very big so this hand tiller will work perfect! It was still in the packaging when we bought it. I just couldn't get a picture of it before C.J. unwrapped it to try it out.
2 old shovels that will help get the garden job done for 2.75 a piece.

Elliptical- $125. This was in perfect condition! It was only a few years old. I jumped on to see if the screen still worked well and it came right on when I started the machine! The guy said he paid more than $500 for it.
Fuse ball table-$80
Dirt bike tires
Garden tools. The shovels were $7 and the rakes were $6
Air compressor- $40
Tool box- $10
Brand new 16 Gauge Stanley Bostitch Finish Nailer. The guy wanted $95. High for a garage sale but it was brand new. At Home Depot the same one it $169!
Brand new Makita drill-$65. To be honest I could not find this exact drill and light combination online but I did find the drill at for $99.


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