Monday, March 19, 2012

March 17, 2012

This weeks findings.
Large pot for the garden-$3
Shoes for Paisley -.50 cent a piece. The sandals are GAP and I don't think they have even been worn
Pink scarf for .25 cents!
Decorative ball for .10 cents. I know this is kinda random but I have a plan for it!

Kid's CD's
I bought these for .50 cents a piece.
There comes a time in every parents life when they realize the radio is not meant for a young child's ears. Sadly our children pick up on those little inappropriate lines in a song and start to sing them in the worst places. Here are the moments that made me realize that the radio was not for my young daughters ears.
1. We were sitting in church and the speaker said something to the extent of "I hope it all works out" Jaysa then turns to me with the most excited look on her face and loudly says "I..I work out!" then she proceeded to sing parts of the rest of the song (or her version of those parts)... "I'm sexy when I know it!" and "girl, look at that body." Needless to say everyone around us was listening and C.J. and I were both laughing outside but embarrassed inside.

2. Riding in the car when the song Red Solo Cup came on the radio. Don't judge, it's a catchy song! C.J. and I decide that we need to talk so we turn the radio down and right when we turn the radio down Jaysa busts out "Freddie Mac can kiss my $@#$" WHOOPS! That was the last time we listened to that song.

Since that moment I have carefully monitored the radio until I could find some kids cd's at garage sales. Primary and Disney songs will be our choice of music!

Elipitical- $125. This was in perfect condition! It was only a few years old. I jumped on to see if the screen still worked well and it came right on when I started the machine! The guy said he paid more than $500 for it.
New air filters-$1
Space bags -.50 cents for the smaller ones and $1 for the bigger ones. You can use any vacuum hoes to suck the air out of these. I am wishing I had bought these right now as I am emptying out my closet of all my winter clothes! This would have made storage so much easier!
Another desk. Nothing spectacular but perfect for a college student-$15 and the chair was -$2!
This lamp was $1!
New cute knitted beanie- $6
New knitted headband-$6


Rugs- $25 for both

Baby shoes Galore!
I even found another bag full of shoes! All were $1 a piece. I got her to go down to .50 cents a piece for the ones I pick out though!
So cute! Too small for Paisley :(
Loving these too!

Really cool old brass bed sold for $25
gardening pots. The lady wanted $100 for all three of these. WAY too high but this is one of those items that if you really wanted it you would take the chance and leave them behind hoping that everyone else will think the price is too high. At the end of the day you go back and talk the owner down to a reasonable price.

I also made a D.I. run that morning and this is what I found
I want to do one of those awesome plate collages on the wall in my guest bedroom. Collecting these plates will be slow but I am in no hurry at the moment because I am still focused on other parts of the house. I bought this plate for .50 cents
cute flats - $3
Another pair of cute flats- $3. (they need a little cleaning but I am working on it right now)

Baby Einstein DVD's-$3 a piece.
Sorry bad picture but these are Jessica Simpson flats. I wish SO BAD they were in my size! SO cute and only -$4!
Nike track shoes-$15. High for D.I. but these were pretty much new. Beats buying them in stores!


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