Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb. 18th 2012

There were so many garage sales this morning but for some reason I still didn't get a whole lot of stuff. Like last week I mostly found clothes. The first garage sale I went to was a big parking lot sale that mostly had clothes. As I was walking around to see if I saw any name brands I saw a pile of BKE jeans. I started looking a little closer and ended up filling a huge trash bag full of name brand clothes such as BKE, Holister, Lucky Brand, Miss Me, Guess, American Eagle, Areopostale, Abercrombie, Oneill, Roxy, and Volcom! I paid $15 dollars for the trash bag. When I got home I emptied the bag out and I had 29 pieces of clothing and one picture frame making my items .50 cents a piece!
There were a total of 10 pairs of jeans. 6 of those pairs are BKE and one was a never been worn pair of Miss Me's! I also got a really nice Oneill jacket and 5 other nice sweatshirts!
Most of the clothes I took over to my niece's but everything in that top picture I kept for myself. Here is a picture of my favorite jeans I got. These are the pair of Miss Me skinny jeans that haven't even been worn and I only paid .50 cents for them!
Front side
Back side

At another garage sale I bought one pair of Miss Me capri's, one pair of Areopostale jeans, one pair of Lucky Brand capri's, a purple leapord tank and two long sleeveshirts that are the Shade brand. All for $3 dollars!

I also got a bunch of kids hangers, which I have been needing since we moved into this house. I bought the hangers and the basket for $4. There were a total of 109 hangers. I found hangers in a pack of 30 at for $10.00 dollars! click here to see! If I had bought this many hangers at the store I would have spent more than $30! Instead I paid $2 for the hangers and saved myself $28 dollars!
I also bought another bumbo for $4 dollars. Last time I looked these up I found them at for 36.99!


Suitcase for $1!
Cute decorative watering cans for $5 a piece
The tag was still on them. This lady paid $40 a piece!
Really nice changing table for $40!
Stroller for $35

Miter saw for $30.

I also came across a garage sale where everything was brand new! Its actually a little surprising how often I find sales like these!
All shirts on this rack were $5!

All earrings were $2 or 3 for $5!
She had lots of feather earrings!
Everything in this buckets was $1!
Cute pack of bracelets for $1
All rings were $2!

Sunglasses were $3!
Roller blades for your kids! C.J. and I have both bought our roller blades at garage sales for about $5 dollars a pair. We don't use them as often as we thought we would (there aren't that many neighborhood roller hockey games) ha ha jk. Roller blading is a great workout for your backside!
Crib for $40! This is one of the cribs that grows with your baby. It turns into a day bed for when they are toddlers and then a double bed for when they are older! It also came with the crib matteress.
Desk for $10!
Camping bag with nice sleeping bag. I am not sure what else was in here but It looked like it hadn't even been used. They were doing a silent auction on this and no one had signed up yet!
The weather is going to start warming up soon! Get out there and see what you can find! Email your favorite finds to so we can show everyone else what treasures they can find!


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