Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb. 11th 2012

I know its still February but I think it's starting to warm up a little bit! I can't wait till we get into the warmer weather and the garage sales start to pick up again!
This week I mostly found clothes. I went to one garage sale where there was a huge pile of clothes. Most of the time I will just scan what is on top to see if there is anything that catches my interest. If I don't see anything I don't waste my time pulling things out for a better look but this time I saw a pair of Banana Republic pants laying on the top so I decided to take a closer look and this is what I found.
I got 12 items of clothing and 4 scarfs all for $7, making the clothing about .50 cents a piece. 
Cute green jacket.

All of these were just .50 cents! Hopefully I will be able to use some of them in my Fashion on a Dime so that you can get a better look at them!

At another garage sale I saw a bunch of cute baby boy clothes. As I was staring at clothes the guy having the garage sale told me that whatever I could fit in a bag would only be a $1. For that cheap I could find someone to give them to or I could take them to one of the kid's second hand stores that pays you money for what you bring in and make money off of them so I filled a bag. Here is what I got.
I got a total of 23 items. Mostly little boy clothes but I did find two ties and a pair of shorts I thought my brother might like and a pair of Areopostale jeans in my size. I paid just under .5 cents per item! Here is a closer look at some of the little boy clothes that I really liked
Brand names on these clothes are The Children's Place, Osh Kosh, Ecko, and Old Navy.
Here's the Areopostale jeans. Nothing special. They fit in my waist but are about 6 inches too long so again, I may go take them into one of the places that you can take your old clothes into because I know they will give me more than .5 cents for them and these are brand new!

I also bought a Wilson volleyball for $2

and two of these little decorative balls for .25 cents a piece.

Cute little kids desk. It would be SO cute with crystal knobs! $10
Cute little girls clothes. Too small for Paisley otherwise I would have bought them. $1
More little boy clothes. $1
Scrapbook scissors, $3 for all of them!
Old camera, $15. I love old cameras like this! I bought one on ebay to do pictures with and paid $25 for mine and that was considered a steal. Here is what I did with the one I bought.
Although, Jaysa was not as cooperative as I would have liked because she wanted NOTHING to do with Paisley at the time, these still turned out pretty cute. I did not take these pictures.

This suitcase that Jaysa is sitting in I bought at a garage sale for .49 cents. HA! yes, .49 cents. I LOVED the teal color of the suitcase and the guy wanted $1 for it but I didn't have any money left! I went back to the car to try to scrounge up some change and all I found was .49 cents. I went back to the guy and told him it was all that I had and held out my hand. He took it! I couldn't believe it. Here's a better look at it.

Another bird cage

bad picture but its not just decorative.
Here is another fun idea that my sister came up with.

With enough time you could find all the bird cages you need to do this idea! I love how my beautiful sister's pictures turned out! Such a cute idea!


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