Monday, May 19, 2014

Best $5

While I was out garage saleing on Saturday I came across a woman that was selling a balance beam. Her daughter had out grown it so she was trying to get rid of it. I did gymnastics as a kid and always dreamed of putting my girls in gymnastics myself but I thought that the women would ask a fortune for the beam so I walked away. As I got closer to my car I thought, Just see how much she wants for it. I doesn't hurt to ask. So I turned around and asked about the beam. Her answer, $5 dollars! I am sure I looked like this when she gave me the price!

but then I was like SOLD! me!

I brought it home and surprised my girls with it. They were so excited to play on it, So we ran and got our leotards on and started "practice" as they called it.

 I loved watching this girl inch to the edge of the beam, and very seriously count to some random number. As she would squat down to give her legs the best spring she was capable of her eyes would get wide with anticipation of take off. As she took flight the biggest grin stowed across her face as if she were flying. I love sitting out in my rocking chair just watching how much fun she has.

 Now this girl takes her "practice" VERY seriously. She has been enrolled in gymnastics classes before and knows exactly what it is she is supposed to be doing. She is a pro!

Getting her to stand still and smile for my camera was torture for her.

The take off... her form looks great.

And the landing!

  Nailed it!!! That's a future gold medalist right there!

Best $5 I have ever spent!

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  1. What a great price, well woth the $ 5 dollars. I love your pictures, your girls are beautiful!