Saturday, March 15, 2014

Buyer's Justification/ BIG Savers Sale!

We are in California and I just can't help myself!!! I have an addiction!!!

Every time I walk out of Savers I think holy cow how did I spend that much! I feel the same way when I go to Costco except I walk out spending over $100 with only 5 items in my cart. At least when I shop at Savers I walk out with the largest bags the store offers, over flowing with clothes that won't be digested in my stomach and turned into waste in a few hours. Seriously, Spending money on food is so pointless. ... bedsides the fact that it keeps us alive. 

When shopping at Savers, here is the biggest piece of advice I can give you. Don't EVER, EVER, EVER shop at Savers without a coupon!!!!  That should be the 11th commandment. If you donate just a small bag of things you have no use for anymore you can get a 20% off coupon. They also have several other ways to get discounts. At least one day of the week they give club card members 25% off and senior citizens get 30% off. Every once in a while they also have a 50% off day!  
Listen to me very carefully. This is so very, VERY extremely important. We are about to make a fashion covenant with each other. You and me.  Right here and right now. Don't worry this is not awkward at all. When shopping at Savers never walk into that store and pay full price for anything!  Never walk in without having a way to get a discount on whatever you pick out! If you do you are just throwing away money that you could have spent on more clothes... or groceries... I guess.... But only if there is any money left over ;)

Now every time I go to Costco I have extreme Buyers Remorse. Can you tell how much I hate spending money on food? Don't get me wrong I LOVE food. I would just rather spend my money on something I get to keep.For me There is no Buyers Remorse when it comes to spending money at Savers. However, there is such thing as a Buyers Justification. Today our total came to $190. However, I had a punch card that gave me 30% off which saved me $56 dollars. Here's where your Buyers Justification comes in. My final total ended up being $134. Again I felt a little tinge of guilt/shame for how much I was spending, but as I looked at the computer that displayed my purchase info, I realized I had bought 30 items, saved $60 at SAVERS, saved even more than that had I bought everything retail, and got some amazing deals and cute styles for me, my girls, and my husband. I took my total cost and divided it by my total number of  items purchased and came out with a $4.50 Buyers Justification or average cost per item,(Otherwise known as my way of making myself feel better about how much money I spent.) At $4.50 my guilt and shame have disappeared and I can't wait to show you all what I found!

Here's a few sneek peek pics of what I found.





Today as we were checking out we were given a friends and family invitation to their exclusive after hours shopping event celebrating their 60th Anniversary. During this event, all clothes and shoes are 60% and everything else is 30% !!!!! (do all my explanation points help you understand how excited I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) You must have the invite to get in! If you have time today get over there to get an invite. You have to spend $30 to get it. (Buy and return if you really have to so you can get the invite SHHHHH! I didn't say that) DON'T FORGET TO DONATE SO YOU CAN GET 20% OFF OF THE $30 YOU SPEND! They are holding the celebration March 16th (Yes, thats a Sunday :( not sure I will be going)from 7:00 to 9:00pm. If you can make it I would love to see some of your fashion finds!!!

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  1. Savers is my favorite store! I hit the last 2 holiday 50% off sales. You are right; thrifting is an addiction. I love clothes and I love getting a deal. Thank you, Savers for making my two loves fall in love. You need to do a post about your closet and how you organize it!