Saturday, August 4, 2012

July 28th 2012

As I posted earlier, Saturday was mine and C.J's 6 year anniversary. Before I start this post I want to say that it was NOT my idea to go garage saleing on our anniversary. I was fully prepared to lay around and be lazy. Going garage saleing was actually C.J.'s idea and let me tell ya, I am not going to complain about it if he wants to go!  Here is what we found this week.
I bought a bunch of handles this week. I think I will be good for the next year to be honest! I got 9 of the drawer pulls and 10 of the knobs for $2 dollars plus the lady threw in this cute green piece of fabric for FREE! It will make a cute wipey case cover! I paid about .10 cents a piece for the handles.

My mom also picked up these handles for me
She got the whole bag for $2 dollars. There are 31 handles so I paid about .06 cents a piece! 

I also picked up this fabric for $1. These colors are so popular right now! I think I will make some bows out of them.
I also bought this blanket for $2. This blanket has a great texture to it and I have been looking for one like it for a while now. Its great to have blankets like these for photography shoots!
My mom picked up these peacock feather for me for .75 cents. I will also be using these for bows

 This is a picture of two different paint sprayers. I took a really big chance on these hoping that maybe one of these would work for me. I really want a paint sprayer but for now I am too cheap to buy one. I bought both of these for $15. I also got the ladies number so if all the parts are not there I can call her to see if they can be found or just take it back to her and get my money back. If your not sure if an item will work and you can't test it out right there at the garage sale ask the seller if they mind if you bring it back if it doesn't work. If they are not ok with it that may be a hint that they are not telling you something!

 C.J. bought this auto tape measure for $2 dollars.

I bought this for our bathroom. I already have one that I was thinking about spray painting a bronze but why do that if you can find exactly what you want at another garage sale! This one was marked at $3 but I talked the lady down to 1.50.
I also bought a few cans of paint from this guy. I bought two gallon cans and two quart sized cans for $2 dollars!! Beats buying paint in the store!

Alright so here is the Deal of the Day. I did not buy this. I went to go visit a friend and she took me to her sons room and showed me this Love Sac she bought at a garage sale a few days earlier. You will never guess how much she paid for it! I couldn't believe it. I usually see these for between $100-$200 at garage sales. The cheapest I have even seen one for is $80. She bought this on for $25! She took the cover off and washed it and it look brand new! This was a STEAL!


This highchair was spotless! The seller wanted $20 for it.
 I wish I would have tried to talk the lady down on these. She wanted $15 for the big one. After seeing that I just kinda walked away cause I thought it was too expensive but these would have been so cute all painted the same color! I am really kicking myself in the bum right now! 
 Here are boxes and boxes of liquid nails. They wanted $2 a piece for the tubes. They are about $4 in the store. She was also willing to make a better deal if you bought a bunch.
 Ok here is something I was a little mad about. I just bought C.J. one of these. I paid $38 dollars for it. Here is one that is really similar for $10! And it still had all the tags on it!!! Thank goodness when I showed him he said he wanted one with smaller water bottles so we ended up taking the one I bought back to the store anyway.
 How cute are these! $5 for the set.
 Here is a bookshelf for all the kids books or whatever else you want to use it for. It was only $5!
 C.J. loves this style of couch. I think in the right setting, possibly a western office it would look great. We looked at these at a furniture store near our house because C.J. liked them so much. They were several hundred dollars. This one was only $30! I have a feeling later on down the road when C.J. has an office he will regret not buying it but we just don't have the space right now.
 This box of oval frames was $5 dollars. This would have made a really cool wall collage 
I loved this entry way table. When I asked how much the lady wanted she said "I think I will start it out at $100" This means if it wasn't selling fast enough she would be willing to go down on it! 
 Check out the price tag on the back of it! $279.97! 
 My girls would have so much fun on this John Deer tractor! It had all the parts and the battery was charged. The seller wanted $40 for it, which I am sure is a fair price but I am just still too cheap. :( 
Here is something I really want! I used to have a motorcycle in college that was exactly like this one but a different color. I paid 3,500 for mine new (I will never buy any sort of vehicle or motorcycle new again because they depreciate the second you drive them off the lot. That was a hard lesson to learn) A few years later I sold it for about 1,800. These days I have really been missing the ride and have been wanting another motorcycle. This one is only 1,000. I Kelly Blue booked it and the cheapest one that was the same year and had higher miles was 1,200. I want it! We will see what the husband says!


  1. You got some awesome deals! As for the rest of the items, I could use one of each, lol! I'm just about to get ready to head out the dor myself for the weeekly hard sales. Wish me success!

  2. I love that entry way table - I would paint it and put it in my sewing room in a heartbeat! Happy Anniversary btw.

  3. Awesome deals! Seriously, great stuff. The garage sales you find are way better than any I've been to... or maybe you're better at looking. Happy belated Anniversary!

  4. I love garage sales! Happy Anniversary and I am your newest follower! Cheers.

  5. garage sales queen! I really like garage sales season...but I really get in trouble if I had to go every week ;)

  6. I love that entry way table!! Even the color!

  7. That entry way table is beautiful! I would have totally grabbed up the 3 white canisters! I've been adding that type of stoneware to my kitchen lately, all from a yard sale.