Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aug 11th 2012

Here is what I found this week.
Jaysa LOVES the toy story movies right now so when I saw this book I knew I had to get it. It even has little compartments in the back with a few of the characters from the book!
Even Paisley liked these. She couldn't even wait for me to take the picture! Love those little toes. I paid $2 dollars for the book with all the little action figures.
I even bought Jaysa a Buzz Lightyear. I was talking to C.J. on the phone before I got home and was on speaker phone. When she heard me telling him I got her a Buzz she was so excited! This will provide lots of entertainment! I bought Buzz for $3 dollars.

I also bought a bottle of aloe vera, a bottle of shampoo and conditioner in one and an unopened box of qutips for $2 dollars. A lot of times you will get couponers who are trying to free up some space and trying to get rid of some of the things that are of less importance. To be honest, I hardly even have to buy qutips at the store! I always seem to find people selling unopened packages of them! 

 I also bought this package of diapers for $2 dollars. They seller had $4 marked on them but I was able to talk them down to $2. These are the Target Up and Up brand which is the brand we buy anyway! Yeah!
I bought this fun yellow purse for $1 dollar. 
 I bought these cowboy boots for $3 dollars. I hope I can use them on a Fashion on a Dime but we will see.
 I bought these Rue 21 sweaters for .50 cents a piece. Good thing I didn't pay much for them cause I tried them on when I got home and didn't like them. A little while back I had someone ask me  if I tried on clothes at garage sales. No i don't I am usually trying to be effectient with my time so I usually just eyeball it. I make sure I don't pay a lot for clothes and if I am afraid it wont fit or I wont like I don't pay more than $1. That way if I don't like it I didn't spend a lot on it.
 I bought this shirt for the hubby for $1
I also bought this body form for .50 cents. They had like 20 of these! I am going to go to D.I. and fins a candle holder this can sit on and paint them! I think it will look so cute in my girls room somewhere!
I even bought some Rabbit food! Back in April we inherited 3 rabbits. I say inherited cause I didn;t really want them. One of my husbands co-workers bought them so her neices and nephews could have fun with them around Easter. After Easter was over she didn't want them anymore and was going to go let them go down by the river, which ment sudden death by a cyote of hawk. So they came to our house and have been here ever since. I absolutly HATE buying them food though! This is same bag of food I buy them at Walmart that costs around $8 dollars. I bought this bag for $1! 

I am not sure what got in my picture BUT this is a really great deal. This matching couch, love seat chair and chase were only $800 for the whole set. No one had bought it late in the day so you could have tried to talk the seller down even more. All the pieces had feet they had just been taken off and were sitting in this box next to the chase lounge. If you look at the chair on the far left you can see what the legs look like.

I have been wanting one of these little red wagons! My neighbor has one of these and her girls love it. The seller wanted $20 for it. I am sure that was a fair price but I am CHEAP! So I passed it up.
Here is a baby bassinet for $10 
This one was much nicer and was Eddie Bauer but they wanted $30 for it. This is still a good price though. I believe this one swings itself. 
Here is more Halloween decor. They wanted $50 for this scary guy. I sure he was over $100 in the store.

School just started yesterday!
I found these notebooks for .25 cents a piece.
and notebook paper for .25 cents per package.
This was a really nice Under Armor  back pack for $3 dollars!

I ran across this garage sale where the seller had lots of little boy clothes and was selling them for .25 cents a piece. These are the moments I wish I had a little boy! I am such a sucker for sweater vests on a little guy!

If I only had more room! My girls would have had so much fun with this puppet stage! They wanted $50 for it. I think I would have tried to talk them down to $35 or $40.

These were really cute and could have made great home decor.  I wouldn't have put rocks in them and I probably would have painted the wood white. They were only $3 dollars  piece!

These are old camp stoves but only $5 dollars a piece. They will get the job done if you tight on money and can't afford a new one!

This air hockey table was only $20 dollars!

Here is a golf carrier for $75
Back in the day my older brother would have died over this. This was probably and 8 inch binder FULL of baseball cards! Someone bought it for $10 dollars.

Here is a kids wake board board for $10. They also had a really nice knee board, skis and an adult wakeboard with brand new boots. I wanted to buy the wake board for our boat but someone had just bought the shoes! Dang!


  1. Those boots are super cute! I'm always on the look out for cowboy boots that fit my big feet!

  2. WOW what great deals. I really need to start going to yardsales again!