Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sunshine Award

I was awarded the Sunshine Blogger Award!
A while back I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Janiene @ A Bunch of Bishops 
A Bunch of Bishops
and also by Jessi at Practically Functional
Practically Functional
I feel so terrible that I am just now getting to this! Everything has been so unbelievably chaotic around here BUT better late than never right!?

The Sunshine Award is given from bloggers to bloggers.  It’s for someone “who positively and creatively inspires others in the blogosphere." 

First, you should thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.  Next, answer the following questions about yourself.  Then, choose 10 of your favorite bloggers and link their blogs to your post.  Be sure to let them know that you are nominating them for the award.  Last, be sure to copy and paste the award to your blog!  

Some "Get to Know You Questions"...

1.  Favorite color-  
I don't really have a favorite color. I like pastels the most. Does that count?

2.  Favorite animal- 
One that will take care of itself and doesn't have to depend on me. Geeze, I sound so boring! I am just not a very responsible person so I don't like to have anything else that depends on me other than my kids and husband. I am doing good to keep them alive! ha ha jk!

3.  Favorite number- 
would be # 2 
I started playing soccer when I was a little kid. I choose the #2 because I was the second child in my family. I always tried to keep that number as I played on different teams through high school and on into college.

4.  Favorite Drink- 
Chocolate milk and not just the Hersery's chocolate syrup kind. It has to be a good quality with ice in it! My favorite would be Promise Land chocolate milk. It's so think and creamy. It tastes like your drinking melt chocolate ice cream! 

5.  Facebook or Twitter-  

6.  Good book or good movie- 
I would have to go with movie even though I almost NEVER sit down and watch T.V. I can never find enough time to sit down and read a book. A movie is only 2 hours. I can spare that much time every once in a blue moon! 
7.  My passion- 
Obviously my passion is finding great deals. I also LOVE interior design, fashion and most of all my family and my beliefs.

8.  Giving or getting gifts-  
I love both of them. I love the feeling of giving someone something and letting them know I was thinking about them.  The same goes when receiving a gift. I love to know someone was kind enough to think of me!

9.  Favorite day-  
Any day with good weather, relaxation and fun!

10.  Favorite flower- 
I love the smell of gardenias! I have a black thumb when it comes to keeping plants alive though! (again with the responsibility thing) SO I am also going to say some of those succulent cactus plants that have no thorns on them. I LOVE the way they look and I don't have to water them all the time!

Now on to my nominees! I will be doing 20 since I was nominated twice but you only have to do ten!

2. Barbara @ Chase the Star 
3. Theresa @ Theresa's Mixed Nuts 
6. Jessica @ Home Take 2
8. Diane @ Mamal Diane 
9. Allison @ Two Infinity And Beyond 
10. Jeniffer @ Our Love And Our Blessing 
12.Danielle @ The Beautiful You  
13. Michele @ Apples And Peanut Butter 
14. Amanda @ Life Experience Needed 
15. Sue @ House Pretty 
16. Pippa @ Shop with Pippa 
17. Rachel @ I Heart Crafty Things 
18. Carol @ Are We There Yet? 
19. Grammy @ Grammy Goodwill 
20.Kristen @ K Squared 


  1. Thank you so much for The Sunshine award! You are so sweet. I am leaving in an hour for vacation so I will write my post when I return. Have a wonderful week! Thank yopu again :)

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me! I absolutely adore your blog so you totally deserve this award. You inspire me!


  3. Thank you for the nomination! I love it and love reading your blog every day! :) Can't wait to read about more awesome projects!

  4. Thank you for this nomination! You are so sweet, and I don't know if I've told you enough, but I love your blog! haha! Thanks so much Robin, I'm so stoked!
    Barbara @ Chase the Star

  5. Thank you so much for this lovely award. This is such a sweet honor. To be recognized by other bloggers really means the world! I will be sure to pass this along as soon as i return from vacation! Have a great week Robin!!!

  6. thank you SO much, robin, for thinking of me for this award! how sweet of you!!! made my week!