Friday, June 15, 2012

June 9th 2012

I am sure some of you are wondering where my Week to Week post for last week is. To be honest I did not actually go garage saleing..... GASP! Over the weekend I headed out to California with some friends for the Orange County Swap Meet. It was so much fun! I got lots of stuff and spent way too much money. Overall the prices were fairly decent. Not garage sale prices but still cheaper than stores and your items are new. I spent about $170 dollars and bought mostly clothes. I will be using the outfits I bought for Fashion on a Dime so for now I will just list the items I bought 

1 lacey blazer-$21
1 navy blue blazer-$21
1 mustard yellow blazer-$17
1 floral tank-$8
1 jumpsuit-$17
1 orange and tan sun hat-$12.50
1 teal sun hat-$12.50
1 white sun hat- $5
1 pair of sunglasses-$5
1 pair of teal jeans-$16
1 pair of mustard yellow jeans- $16
1 pair of running shorts- $5
1 under shirt top- $5
2 hair brushes- $1 each
1 package of bobby pins-$1
1 package of clips $1
package of nail clippers -$3
concealer brush -$2
6 combs-$3

I loved the swap meet and would for sure go back if I ever had the chance. It's every Saturday and Sunday so if you're ever in the area make sure to stop and see what it's all about!
 Here are a few of the other things I saw that I loved there.
 I wanted a pair of these in each color! They were $25 dollars.
They had jeans in EVERY color! These were about $17 a piece.

They had lots of salon products.

 These sun hats were only $6 dollars a piece!
These were $3 dollars a piece or 2 for $5!!!
I loved these fedora hats for $5!

Here are some waffle headbands. 4 for $1.
 Everyone was selling nail polish for $1.
Here is something I wish I would have bought. These are strands of pearls for $1 dollar a strand. These are great for jewelry making! I like to make baby bracelets every once in a while and these look so cute in bracelets. I was going to buy some but thought I would look around first. By the time I was done looking around I completely forgot!

Here are some small plastic hair ties. I bought one of these tubes at a garage sale for $1 a while back and it has lasted me forever! I hate buying these from the store. You get a package of 100 and they cost you like $4 bucks. These had 1,000 hair ties in each tube for $1 dollar!

The swap meet also had some AMAZING furniture!!!
I LOVED this bed!! It was 1,500. They also had a couch just like it for 4,500.
Here is a beautiful baby crib for $599. I know these prices sound high but these were some of the best quality you will find. I had a friend that is a interior designer with me who said their prices are wholesale and some of the best she has seen. 

I absolutely loved this mirror! It was taller than me! It was only $450. If I needed a big mirror I would have definitely splurged and bought this one! 


  1. WOW!! Love those jeans!!
    I'm a huge nail polish junkie I would have purchased that whole display! Wish we had something like this in Orlando!

  2. I LOVE LOVE that mirror!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! That looks like my kind of place!!!

  3. Love those shoes and the bright jeans! It looks like such a fun place!

  4. I could shop forever in a place like that... I think my husband would die before he let me go there lol. Where I'm from we just dont get things like that -jealous-