Thursday, January 5, 2012

DPWF Works on Anyone!

You can use dress-per-wear-factor (DPWF) to analyze how much money you are spending on your family's clothes too! Lets take a look at my kids for example.
Here is my Miss Jaysa Sue. Again, everything she is wearing is from second hand stores and garage sales. Her jeans are teal Oshkosh jeans I found for 2.99 at Savers. I also found her silver sandals at Savers for 3.99. Her white tank and hot pink GUESS sweater are from a garage sale. The white tank was .50 cents and the sweater was $1. Her total outfit cost is 8.50 now divided that by ten and we have an .85 cent dress-per-wear-factor!
Here is one of Paisley's outfits I put on her all the time. The pants are not from a garage sale but if I remember right they were only 5 dollars at the children's place! Her boots were $1 and her vest and t-shirt were .50 cents a piece. We will go ahead and throw in the bow and headband too. The bow was a flower I bought at Roberts Arts and Crafts using a 50% off coupon so it was only 1.50 and the headband was in a little baggie of headbands I found at a garage sale. I can't remember exactly how much I paid but I know I wouldn't have paid more than a dollar for it and there were a lot of headbands in the bag. Just to be safe we will add on 10 cents for the headband. Total outfit cost is 8.60 making our DPWF .86 cents!
Here is another outfit of Jaysas. Winter jackets can get expensive even if they are just for your kids. I found this winter coat for Jaysa at a garage sale for $3 dollars.
This is a bad picture but it shows her jacket more. Her jeans were $1. She has little Nike shoes on that I bought for $1 also. Here is a closer look at them since you can't see them in the picture of her in the leaves.
I don't really remember what shirt she had on but we will say .50 (thats what I normally pay for a t-shirt) If we want to get really technical we could add on the bow again. I bought a huge bag of flowers from a lady for $3 dollars and made her bow from petals out of that bag. My guess is that there were easily a few hundred flowers in the bag but we will just say 10 cents for the bow just to be safe. It probably adds up to that once you add on the clip that I have to put on the flower anyway. So now that we are being very technical our total outfit cost is 5.60. DPWF= .56 cents! If math was always this easy it would be fun right?!?! To learn how to find your dress-per-wear-factor click here!


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