Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kids Clothes

About 99.9 percent of my kids clothes come from garage sales and second hand stores. I hate paying store prices for my kids clothes because they grow out of them so fast! It's so unfair that we are expected to pay so much for something that our kids will grow out of in a few months. With garage sales you can still dress your kids cute for much less! When you think about buying clothes at garage sales the first picture to come into your mind might be a nasty grungy shirt with stains all over it and you will see some of those but not all clothes at garage sales are like that. Those cute outfits that just don't fit anymore are what people are selling and if you get out and garage sale you can find them and save yourself a lot of money! I usually don't pay more than .50 to $1 for a piece of clothing at a garage sale unless the item is in perfect shape and a must have for my child's wardrobe. So I save a lot when it come to dressing my kids! Another tip I would give you is to not worry too much about the size of the outfit. In some cases size doesn't really matter! I will show you what I mean.
What makes a cute dress on Paisley....
makes a cute shirt on Jaysa!

This 12 month dress fits 9 month old Paisley and almost 3 year old Jaysa! Now you probably can't do this with boys but if you have girls keep an open mind while shopping and you can make one outfit work for both kids! Paisley's little cardigan is also marked 3 months and she is still wearing it at 9 months. If you think it will fit and its cheap go ahead and buy it! If it doesn't fit you're only out .50 cents! I might also mention that EVERYTHING that my kids have on, including the bow in their hair, is from garage sales!

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  1. I know I am way out of date in replying but I only discovered your blog today. I wanted to say, where I live we have a Reuse Centre - it is a shop based at a landfill where items are dropped off rather than taken to landfill (so they don't come out of all the rubbish). They let you fill up a pillow case with clothes for $3. You can easily stuff 20+ items in a pillow case, working out at 15 cents an item. My 4yo is often fully outfitted in second hand, big brand name clothes (Pumpkin Patch, Osh kosh, Fred Bare to name a few) for $1 for the entire outfit. I've loved looking through your blog tonight. Loads of inspiration to be found, thank you