Sunday, November 27, 2011


This week C.J. did not come with me. He was out canoeing on the Colorado River with my dad and brothers.

There were few garage sales out this week most likely due to Thanksgiving and the fact that most people still have family in town however I still found plenty of things to buy!

New shirt with tags still on it! Suggested retail is $36.00 on this shirt!
Pink lace vest
Black fringe vest. Not sure what I will do with this but I think it is such a fun vest.
The girl I bought these four pieces of clothing from wanted 8 dollars for the white shirt with tags and 3 on the pink vest which is a total of $12. In my opinion a little to high priced but I was able to talk her down to $15 for all four items! I got each one for about $3.75. Still a little bit high for me but one of the shirts was new and this white and pink one hasn't even been worn so I went for it.

Here is what I did with it!
My shoes are also from a garage sale!

I could't help myself with this one. I love old things! This is such a cool old book and I have a vintage room I am working on so I am sure I can find a spot for it in there. Maybe something like this...

I always try to pick these up when they are cheap because they make good gifts to friends who are having kids. I bought this one for $5 dollars. In stores these babies are expensive! I found the exact same one on the website for 36.99! I saved $32 on the next baby gift!
click here to see how much they are at Target!

I picked up this bumbo at a garage sale and was going to buy it but realized I only had $5 dollars left and a lot more garage sales to shop at. For that reason I put the bumbo down and left. As I was driving around and looking for signs I couldn't stop thinking about the bumbo so I went back to buy it with my last $5. When I got there a man had it in his hand. I was so disappointed but decided to watch him for a little while to see if he would put it down. After about 5 mins he put it down and walked off. Trying to keep my composure and not jump for joy I walked over, picked it up and paid for it. Lesson Learn: 1. Always bring enough cash. 2. if someone has something you are interested in hang around and see if they put it down. If they do that means they don't want it and it's all yours!

Here's another great deal. I got these little swimmers for .50 cents. This is a bag of 11 and they are all there. I actually had no idea how expensive these are because I have never bought them in stores. I just always pick them up at garage sales and save them till the summer. Click Here to see how much they are in stores!


Cute patio set
Bench with a chair and two matching pots
This women only wanted $20 for this set. To be honest they were old sets that she just spray painted but why go through the trouble and time if you can find it this cheap!


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